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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

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  1. Fantastic album.

    Also releasing songs like Smile and Small Talk while having Cry About It Later, Teary Eyes, Champagne Problems and Only Love ready on the album.

  2. Wow! I was actually dreading listening to this album but it’s.. great? Sonically I was not expecting this at all, none of the pre album releases prepared me for this sound but yet they fit in perfectly.

    Cry about it Later is that bisexual bop! Teary Eyes Is giving me Memory of You. Tucked is a little 00s disco pop gem. Daisies is gorgeous and I’ve always loved Harleys in Hawaii. Everything else is good to great on first impressions but I’m sure more will stick out to me later.

    Delivering a baby and a fantastic album in the space of two days? Iconic.
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  3. Get well soon x
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  4. This is good and a bit of a return to form for her. Also whenever I hear the chorus of “Tucked” I immediately think she’s going to start singing “Lights On” by Katy B. Bops!
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  5. The album currently has the second lowest score of the month on Metacritic with 56 (the lowest is *groans* Luke Bryan with 55). I never knew that she never crossed the 61 mark on the site. The critics really decided to tank everything she releases. A mess. It's even more ridiculous considering that Chromatica sits at 79 (???)
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  6. I'm happy to see people enjoying Only Love.
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  7. Which vinyl versions is the Diddy feature on?
  8. Cry About It Later sounds like a Mylène Farmer song from 2010.
  9. aux


    Admittedly, I've never loved a Katy album. I always found myself cherry-picking the best songs from them and running. Smile is a different case. It manages to take all the best parts of Katy's discography and collates them into a very solid collection of songs. The highlight of the album is definitely the flawless opening run of "Never Really Over" through to "Daisies". I really like this. It's easily her best album.

  10. I have the cream vinyl and Smile has the Diddy feature and What Makes A Woman is a minute longer. I’m not sure if all the cream vinyls are similar or just the first pressings since I bought mine as soon as she announced them.
  11. I’ve put Small Talk between Tucked and Harleys in Hawaii, I think it works.
  12. Cream is waiting for me at home so here is hoping.
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  13. Post pictures! My cream vinyl hasn’t even shipped yet. It looks more beige on the picture than white.
  14. Will post as soon as I’m home but it looks a bright brighter and more saturated in real life.
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  15. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Cry About It Later is an ear worm, goddamn. Katy is just a reliable pop bop machine, sometimes that's enough.
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  16. 'Champagne Problems' stood out on my first listen. Overall it feels less complicated than her previous album and just light?
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  17. The vinyl labels being a whipped cream pie matches the pictures of the white (cream? custard? whatever variant) vinyl on Discogs perfectly
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  18. Two of the alternate covers, the one with the tears make up and the one with the heavy eyeliner under the eyes, would be excellent with Cry About It Later as the album title. If anyone comes across such edits please link!

    Also finally listened to High on Your Supply in crappy quality and it sounded amazing! Even the awful lines at the start sounded perfectly fine paired with those melodies. It deserves a spot on the album over Smile.

    The Cry About It Later animation was a great video for the track! And we finally got the witch-themed visuals we had been deprived of when they decided to do that with the Dark Horse video instead...
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  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Where is the extended What Makes A Woman from?
    Is it a leak or is it on some version of the album?
  20. The vinyl, it also has the P Diddy version of Smile.
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