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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. 2014

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    Scream I'm a Fopp hunty now! xxxx
  2. Stunning.
    The stills look better than the video.
    If she could have filmed a few more takes on the set with different energy/expressions/kinds of movement, the video would be brilliant too. As is, it feels like she wants to stop shooting.
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  3. Queen! I used to go there as I did my bachelors in Film at East Anglia before my masters in HR at Surrey.
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  4. Do we have a timeline of when these songs were recorded?
  5. Enjoying this more and more each day. Such a solid album.
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  6. She made a lot of music before and during her first season on Idol.

    2018: Never Really Over, Cry About It Later, Teary Eyes, Not The End of The World, Smile, Champagne Problems

    2019: What Makes A Woman*, Harleys in Hawaii, Small Talk

    2020: Resilient, Tucked, Daisies, Only Love

    *”What Makes A Woman” might have been rewritten for Daisy.
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  7. This is a really solid pop album. Although the singles might not reach the dizzying heights of her earlier tracks, as a collection it's a great listen.

    I've played it alot this last week and I would say this is my favourite behind 'Teenage Dream'. Total grower. It's a shame it's not connecting with the general public as much as her earlier stuff.

    The pain of a pop fan....seeing your golden girls start to fall down the charts... what even is a chart anymore anyway??
  8. The way Tucked sounds like an Ava Max song done right.

  9. It sounds like a The Cardigans song to me and I love it for that.
  10. My friend and I who ordered the first limited edition picture disc (the fan-designed one) have been issued refunds, so I assume they’re cancelling those.
  11. They’re doing it just for the fan-designed one?
  12. I will happily admit that I'm still hammering this. I absolutely love High On Your Supply.

  13. Is High On Your Supply available to stream anywhere without buying the Japanese version? Which I’m close to doing.
  14. Nope
  15. As with most artists I love, I have been revisiting Katy's previous albums and Witness is hitting me more than it did when it came out. I've always enjoyed it but now I am finding more to love about it.

    Save As Draft and Deja Vu were two songs i dismissed before but now I adore them.
  16. Tucked is the perfect throwback to One of the Boys. Everything about it is effortlessly her which is why i stan.
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  17. Didn't her label buy that design from them? Surely they pressed them but maybe they sold too many?

  18. Oof. Thought this had #1 on lock
  19. She’s not a sales juggernaut any longer and I think she’s made peace with that.
  20. In Katy's own words, "she's fabulous for a throwback".
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