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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Bon Appetit is up there with Vogue, Wannabe, Poker Face, Work From Home. A pop classique.
  2. I hated Bon Appetit when it was released but it's grown on me a little now. Still one of the bottom-tier Witness tracks, however.
  4. I like Chained but not always really in the mood for preachy bops, sorry!
  5. Chained to the Rhythm is great, one of her best, but Bon Appetite is a defining bop of our time. Next to Teenage Dream as the greatest song she’ll ever accomplish in life.
  6. The video really elevated Bon Appetit for me. The same way it completely drained my enthusiasm about Swish Swish.
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  7. The live performances really ruined Bon Appetit for me. I know it’s Katy Perry, but this was way too literal. The video was genius because it was subversive and she looked cool.

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  8. My brain every time I even consider thinking of listening to another Katy Perry song:
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  9. Yeah the promo performances were a mess. The Art Deco-styled tour performance with the What Have You Done For Me Lately sample went off tho:

  10. The emphysema vocals for those verses though sis...
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  11. It's nawt a song to be sung live in album version form, no...
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  12. The way people turned on her for singing about her vagina being eaten and now the number one song around the world is about wet pussy. Ahead of her time.
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  13. Also while we're here stream these too so they can hit 1B

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  14. I love this performance. I think this and Swish Swish on The Voice Australia are two of her best tv performances ever. Admittedly I don't love the chef's outfit because I think all the white ends up washing her out and it looks like grandmas nightgown. She should've been wearing a white version of what her dancers are wearing. But it's a cute performance either way.
  15. The Swish Swish performance is cool but I feel like Bon Appetit was probably the best moment to tone down the 'quirkiness' and serve something more mature. It was too cartoonish.
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  16. I'm not sure there is a mature route to performing a song in which she spends 4 minutes comparing eating her pussy to fine dining.
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  17. The Witness Tour performance that was posted on this page is miles better ... even the SNL performance is more fitting. Basically something less predictable than Katy wearing a chef outfit with vegetables dancing in the back.

    It's still a bop, I just wish she served more sexy and less quirky.
  18. Fruit, spaceship! They were fruit!
  19. Yeah but it was sexier. Even her stage presence is better and she's selling sex. Maybe it's me but I just can't see past the chef outfit. The video is the perfect mix of mature while keeping it fun.
  20. Was this posted?

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