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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. There are 3 new Smile remixes from last week including that one (which is shit)
  2. Oh, I've just spotted the others.

    Dua's impact!
  3. At this point I'd rather hear remixes of album tracks, or an extended 'What Makes A Woman'.
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  4. Katy’s got the girls riled for tweeting this - the scream is that she’s just worded it atrociously. She does think it’s a full-time job.

    A textbook Katy move! Her foot simply loves to meet her mouth.
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  5. kiiii

  6. dd giving me

    levels of syntax-twisting.
  7. I still can't believe the Can't Cancel Pride Remix isn't on streaming.
  8. give the cigs what they want
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  9. If you use Apple Music it is. You just play the video.
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  10. That first tweet is... fine. Reading comprehension might be tucked away a bit tew far in the heads of the repliers.

    And she said stream "Only Love" on all good platforms!
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  11. I'm not sure I ever dropped this in here, but come and join us for the official Katy Perry re-rate.

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  12. The Marshall Jefferson mix of Smile is great. The girls getting house music icons to remix their work this year...my heart is full
  13. This album is so quietly wonderful. Such a breeze to listen to; it's over before you know it. In the best way!
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  14. Fully obsessed with Only Love this week. Her understated vocal delivery is sublime.
  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    This is her best album.
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  16. Herlp Meh....Can't stop bopping to Tucked. The lyric video is an absolute scream!!!
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  17. She really should have released Tucked instead of Smile. It has the same boppery energy but is like 10x the song.
  18. co-signed. Some of the single choices were choices. Welp...This is going to be a Ari situation all over again for me, where just like NASA, Bad Idea, Bloodline... I'm going to be bitter for an unreasonable amount of time that Tucked, Cry About it Later and Teary Eyes didn't get the single treatment.
  19. Smile should have definitely been relegated to just a pre-release treat before the album instead of a full-on single because they definitely had better choices of singles that could lead into the release of the album.

    Cry About It Later, Tucked, Champagne Problems, and Teary Eyes are all saying hello.
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  20. dddd no she hasn't been hacked?

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