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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Doing the Katy rate made me realise that Smile...is her best album? Never Really Over alone secured the deal, but overall it’s such a strong album.
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  2. I did the album rate and I used to love Witness, but having revisited it it's not as good as I remember.
  3. Witness is really a case of six or seven highs (including three career bests) and then a load of lukewarm garbaj filler. The gulf is vast.
  4. Its title track was one of the most sonically interesting and lovely things she's ever done.
  5. Her albums get better with each release. Except for Prism.
  6. I actually rate Prism over Witness, although Witness has killer singles.
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  7. This is her entire discography.

    But I’d argue Witness has more winning moments than all the others.
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  8. She’s just Lauren Juaregui but in a funhouse.
  9. oh my God
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  10. Yeah, it's
    Smile > Prism > Witness
    but with Witness having the highest highs for me too.

    I thought it was commonly regarded that Smile is her best after the overwhelmingly positive response on here on release? (Unless I chose to ignore the negative responses and that's why I remember it that way.)
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  11. Im still BAFFLED by the overwhelmingly negative critic response to Smile.
  12. Smile is a great little pop album. I wouldn't ever put it above One Of The Boys or Teenage Dream but it's enjoyable.
  13. As much as I love them, I almost wish that Cry About It Later and Teary Eyes had been on a Witness re-release with 365. I know that that’s not actually possible since they weren’t recorded until she was nearly done with that tour and the album had been out over a year, but they stick out the most on Smile as feeling like they belonged to a different project.
  14. It makes no sense when certain album got blowing praise?

    This is THE pop album of the year for me and her best to date.
  15. Yeah, 365 feels just right in the context of Witness, especially since its video is more in line with the album art aesthetic than the visuals from the actual era itself...
    I've also kept Witness, Hey Hey Hey, Swish Swish, Power, Mind Maze, Miss You More, Chained To The Rhythm, Tsunami, and Bon Appetit. It's a cute collection, even if it still feels undercooked/not-fully-realized-conceptually/all over the place aesthetically.
    Dance with the Devil, Act My Age (iconique), Roulette and Deja Vu are cute girls too.

    Smile remains excellent (outside of the title track). No one song feels like it occupies an entirely different space aesthetically or conceptually, even though I am incredibly curious about what the rest of the Charlie Puth tracks were like since Harleys is the closest one to being an oddity. Of course we have no reason to assume the rest would be anything like it, but weren't we supposed to get more from their sessions originally?
  16. I don’t think so? Small Talk was also with him but I think that’s all we ever knew of. People initially said Smile was with him and Zedd, but it’s most certainly not so I think there was just a lot of assumptions going around based off who we already knew she’d worked with.
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  17. matthew.

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  18. I like smile but it’s not brilliant. Witness wasn’t a great album though. Overall, I prefer the style of smile.

  19. This convo inspired me to watch this again. The storyline, the unexpected depth and emotion, Katheryn serving actual acting chops. Underrated moment.
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  20. Sorry for the double post, but I'm having a Katy Perry weekend. Listened to Smile and it was very pleasant, and then decided to go back to Witness which I haven't done in a while. Although it contains many more skippable tracks, its high points are pretty high. The run of Chained to the Rhythm - Tsunami - Bon Appetit - and Bigger than Me is especially great. Speaking of the latter it would have been perfect for a strong ~serious socio-political commentary music video, and I feel it would have done a lot to help the campaign back in 2017. Probably the biggest missed single opportunity of the album, not so much because of its commercial prospects but its subject matter.

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