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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Not the good sis Katy going from fart jokes as theory to being the only pop star to speak out about how highly individualized consumption erodes away shared interests that act as the glue to the social fabric of our society and simply furthers social atomization under capitalism.

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  2. After 4 weeks on the chart, Smile leaves the Billboard 200 this week.

    #5 - #54 - #104 - #160 - OUT

    Something something she should have made Resil#1ent a single to have locked in 30 weeks.
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  3. Revisited this album yesterday on a walk. Definitely her best and the gen-pub doesn't deserve her anymore.
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  4. It truly is her most cohesive album.

    I can't believe it took me so long to give it a listen, but at least now I did. x
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  5. MB


    I’m still waiting for my signed copy. Feel like corona will be over by the time I get it!
  6. Something something signed Daisies vinyl.
  7. 'Teary Eyes' might be hitting more and more as I've lost my pets, but it really is top 10 Katy. Her vocal delivery is what kind of sells it to me but its such an amazing slice of wistful heaven.
  8. Even though these are terrible numbers I never expected it to do well commercially. It's the critical response I've found most puzzling.
  9. I got this on Amazon but accidentally added it to my basket twice. Didn't notice until after it had already shipped. You're welcome Katheryn.
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  10. She may find it quite liberating that the bar for commercial and critical success is so low that it's basically buried in the ground. She can do literally whatever the hell she wants next.
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  11. Secure her that no199 Billboard placement!
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  12. Give us that unplugged, acoustic album next, Katy!

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  13. I enjoyed her John Mayer collab, so I’d be here for something more acoustic.
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  14. Not her potentially popping this on Spotify just as we rate everything BUT it
  15. I saw

    But I have no idea what it means ññ
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  16. Why did this give me hives. A reverse Chris Gaines expedition
  17. Include that album in the rate and extend the voting deadline, please!
    I'm joking... only about the first part.
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