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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Does Katy's dad live in Narnia
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  2. Maybe that's why her album cover is red, white and blue. It all makes sense.
  3. Katy just post pics of Orlando in short shorts and nothing else, do that challenge.
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  4. The layers.
  5. I feel like he and Joe Simpson would have alot on common
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  6. To be honest I’m close to checking out for a bit with Katy. One stupid fucking tweet after another.

    Annoying as the new album is so great.
  8. If someone is fed up with her and selling a copy of One of the Boys vinyl, let me know kii
  9. "I still will be there for you and I'll still consider you my friend, my neighbor and fellow American" all while voting for people who want you to have less rights than me!

    When will people understand that we should not have an obligation to be tolerant of intolerant people, especially when they havent even apologized for said intolerance! Bye Katherine and Colonel Hudson.
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  10. Not sure if anyone was expecting a FUCK YOU DAD on her main
  11. How about no dad?

  12. Boppe!
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  13. Just don't give him a platform to hawk his bullshit. It's really not that complicated.
  14. Why is the T-shirt's 'no elephant / no donkey just pure good old USA' nonsense giving me Piers 'I identify as a penguin' trash opinions.
  15. Ddd were all wishing she just kept quiet but

    We all navigate complicated parental relationships (Perrys being a damn mess as we all know) and 'she has no need to tolerate him!' is doing a bit much
  16. No one is telling her to cut her dad off personally; we all have complicated relationships with assholes in our families. But hawking his tone-deaf shirts and running with the, "it's all love!" / "go hug a racist!" message when it has emphatically NOT been all love from Trump and his supporters to BIPOC or LGBTQ+ people over the last 4 years is dangerous. Normalizing hate is dangerous. She should have just let her dad sell his shirts on Craigslist and kept her mouth firmly planted on Orlando's ass.
  17. We all get that, but its all just a bit... run to say just how fucking stupid or much of a loser she is when we already know that there's an immensely damaged relationship there and she is typically very actively outspoken about these issues herself. I totally understand that BURN THEM ALL feeling but... I just think its hardly realistic considering the lengths we all go to in accepting and keeping our familial relationships regardless of the situation and that some may think there's worth in an alternative approach. These people still exist regardless, there needs to be an approach to change because the Democratic party surely doesn't have a plan
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  18. But the problem is that she’s asking us to do that. And not only simply tolerate him but she’s asking us to support him by buying his crappy shirts.
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