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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Katy can do whatever she wants and take whatever approach she thinks is best. But you can't be surprised when people point out that the way she's choosing to use her platform is dangerous and frankly feels like a spit in the fact to her BIPOC and LGBTQ+ fans. I don't think that's her intention, but it's like... does she read her comments? Does she care to engage or learn or grow at all? Can she try to find even an ounce of nuance to how she's presenting her message? It doesn't seem like it. And that's frustrating. She can't be fighting for equality and justice and then telling minorities to get over it and make peace with the people who have been ACTIVELY fighting to take our rights away. Katy isn't going to move the needle by putting coin in her shit dad's pockets for his ugly shirts.
  2. If she had just posted a pic of him with his T-shirt and 'my dad lol' as a caption, without links or 'did not always vibe with racists but' comments it'd have been fine.
  3. Just to be clear I absolutely agree, I just think it's far more complex than 'lol shut up' and a deliberate shutting down. Nobody is looking to her to move the needle, we just... need to acknowledge these people still exist and are clearly radicalised to an extent so... what do we do then? My own Mum is a conspiracy theorist, I have to tangle every day with her loopy rhetoric about the illuminati and the government all being paedophiles. I'm not going to be sharing her material any time soon, but if I thought something could help change her mind I'd more than likely pursue it regardless of our history. tldr; its complicated and all these hot take posts without any commentary does as little good as her own posts?
  4. But these posts don't reach 108M+ people.
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  5. If followers mattered more people would have bought the album.
  6. The fact that her position on unity is the same as Biden's.
  7. This is a terrible take and you know it. Saying that it doesn't matter what message she puts out to the world just because her album flopped is not it.
  8. She really is something else nowadays.
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  9. Girl some people are working two or more jobs just to live.
  10. Typed as she stares at the huge pile of records she's supposed to sign.
  11. She’s probably sub-replying to her dad about his ideas for a collab on some T-shirts.
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  12. What the fuck is happening
  14. I think her brain popped out with the baby.
  15. Mind Maze (2020 Remix) promo.
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  16. The comments are surprisingly positive, so I guess the giggle fest continues, but.... couldn't she just have worn a sparkly dress? I know how that sounds but after the Dumbo outfit and the clown outfits it just feels boring now. It's not cute. Just put on a gown and sing your fucking Christmas song.

    I do appreciate the effort she always puts in. And she does always put in effort, which is more than we can say for a lot of pop stars. And she sounds lovely. So there's that. I truly don't mind her adding humor into stuff - I've defended it for years. But it becomes stale when thats all she does.
  18. She was acting like a cool mom before becoming an actual mom so... I expect the Carnival foam costumes to become bigger with each passing year nn.
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