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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Where is Everyday is a Holiday (Full version) [2020 Mix]
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  2. It’s not that one doesn’t have an EP it’s that one doesn’t make the EP.
  3. Just watched the singalong. She really is insufferable these days.
  4. Really great “Only Love” performance for UNICEF:

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  5. Ddddd

  6. Katy sis..
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  7. I can't view the tweet but I assume it's about Katy unfollowing a long-time friend for calling her out for shilling those crappy t-shirts?

    Every Day is a Holiday terrifying glimpse into her wormy brain.
  8. So Daisies is my most played this year, I knew I loved it but didn’t think it’d take the top spot.
  9. You know it's bad when even your inner gays are dragging you for the world to see.
  10. Are we sure she isn't just promoting Only Love?


  11. EDIT: My bad, turns out it’s nothing interesting:

  12. The kumbaya Pattern app bullshit she's been spewing recently
  13. What kind of pinterest quote generator AI is running her twitter these days?
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  14. Me three years ago: If she plays her cards right Cozy Little Christmas could be a cute little classic

    Me a year later seeing her still performing the song and even making a video for it: This is great!

    Me in 2020: Nevermind
  15. dd I'm glad I got my One of the Boys vinyl from a reseller last week cuz I would not want to be funding... that
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  16. I'm honestly very curious where she's at...

    like I know she's mum now™, but she seems so off from where someone who
    released an album 4 months ago
    was very open about her depression/mental health
    is engaged
    was very vocal about politics/the election
    put a lot of time/effort into performances that even outside of a pandemic are iconic

    yet here we are, her biggest thing now is being all
    some quirky tweet circa Winter/Spring 2010

    I feel like, when she's pushed on an issue "Katy, where do you stand on _____."
    She truly doesn't know/people pleases and would rather pull off her outfit to reveal she's wearing
    a Ryan Seacrest costume to promote the next season of Idol in March...
  17. This is quite the take
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