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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Can she take some of these looks to a music video set? Can we get a video for Cry About It Later? Can we get a Megan Thee Stallion feature on End of the World? Can we get Save Me Some Tonight? Can we got something besides American Idol and Only Love (Hug Thy Neighbor Remix)?
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  2. I feel with the album doing as poorly as it did commercially and no prospects of touring from a label standpoint it doesnt make a lot of sense to continue the era. Katy herself could always put out a “for the fans” video like she did with Hey Hey Hey tho.
  3. Well yea, thats what I mean. I'm not expecting Capitol to send anything to radio when they didn't even bother with Smile.

    I guess we got 6 videos from this album so I really have nothing to complain about. I just wish this felt more like an album era rather than a year and a half where she just threw stuff out. And I'd like her to put her phone down and put the emphasis back on the album she released a few months ago.
  4. Wasn’t there rumours of a Vegas residency going around before the pandemic cancelled everyone’s plans? Wonder if that will ever come to fruition.
  5. I'm bored and have had 4 Red Bulls today, so please excuse this stan nonsense, but this would have been my fantasy Smile era:

    Disclaimer: I know a Katy Perry album in 2019-2020 was not going to have 5 singles. This is a fantasy girls.
    • 1st single - Never Really Over (May 2019, but early May so she could actually take advantage of promo opportunities
    • 2nd single- Cry About It Later (August 2019)
    • 3rd single - Teary Eyes (November 2019, assuming Cry was a modest enough success but not big enough that radio is holding onto it forever)
    Mid November 2019 the album is released

    • 4th single - Not the End of the World* (February 2020, as it feels like the world is about to end ddd)
    • 5th single - Smile feat. Diddy (May 2020, with a better video and, ya know, Diddy)

    Then basically right now, at the end of 2020, she would be promoting a greatest hits album where she has reimagined her hits as acoustic tracks. Daisies is its lead single. It is a gateway to the acoustic album she will release in 2021.

    *End of the World is not one of my favorites but I regrettably fell down a reaction video rabbit hole to this album one day and it was across the board liked, plus apparently Katy wanted it to be a single.

  6. The way you could tell me this is from 2014 and I'd believe you
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  7. Who put this together? E.T and By the Grace of God? Ddd
  8. And not the child she recently had?
  9. This is so random and unnecessary I’m cackling
  10. My era would have been:
    “Cry About It Later”
    “Never Really Over”
    “Only Love”
  11. he had 4 Red Bulls today
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  12. Apart from Justin Bieber and Sam Smith, has any other artist done this?
  13. Oh you got me good sis!
  14. Taylor and I think more.
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  15. Mabel. A lot of them are trying it.
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  16. Not me thinking this was a brand new EP only to find out it’s that stupid streaming strategy again
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  17. What's the strategy?
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  18. No one really knows, just compiling a bunch into these “themed EPs” for some reason. Sam Smith did it too.
  19. Apparently it's an effort to keep up the regular listeners.
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  20. Selena Gomez also dropped an EP of old songs for Election Day.
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