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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. ~Allegedly~ Electric dates back to the Witness sessions. Thats from that Katy fan twitter account so take it with a grain of salt. They say its from their sources at Capitol FM but I imagine its an assumption based on a tweet of hers from 2016.

    Either way is this actually coming on Friday?
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  2. They sound very similar to the lyrics to Power. Maybe they are just an early draft? Or just a similar lyric in both songs.
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  3. I think thats probably pretty likely.
  4. either that or she was feeling her Word of the Day calendar fantasy and adding siphon to every song she was working on.
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  5. She is looking so phenomenal lately. American Idol GLOW
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  6. Last pic is unreal. Can't believe American Idol is somehow still on air through ddd
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  7. Yeah it’s an old song, and where did this Friday date come from? It should be out before Idol is over.
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  8. Tell her to drop it because its my birthday
  9. We’re only a few days away from her trying to sell us her Dad’s t-shirts again, aren’t we?
  10. She isn't wrong.
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  11. Yes but she's also on social media hawking American Idol every week, being cutesy, playing the game and showing off her hot babydaddy, so with respect, shut up Katheryn.
  12. You can participate in something that is shit because its a staple of modern life while recognising it is not a great function entirely. Honestly some of you care far too much about tweets like that.
  13. Yeah, criticisms of her talking about the negatives of social media are very much:
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  14. They're really not. If you're playing along in the all the things you hate about social media, you can't then write "social media is trash #isaidwhatisaid" and expect anybody to take your philosophical musings and defensively deployed hashtag seriously.

    If you want to engage in a proper discussion about being on social media while hating it, there are ways to do that. But she thinks she's doing something when she's not. And pointing that out is pretty reasonable.
  15. I'm hearing good things about 'Electric', from those who have heard it, so let's hope we get a good Summer bop.
  16. If it sounds like the obvious lead single Witness was missing I'm gonna scream.

    She's been sporting the black wig so much lately I'm not sure why she doesn't just dye it back.
  17. Okay but when is it dropping
  18. Looks like we'll be getting a Cry About It Later remix first, which adds two Brazilian artists and subtracts 30 seconds.

    Here's hoping it's better than that horrid Resilient remix!
  19. Wait, Chained To The Rhythm was a great lead.

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