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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I don’t think she was ever involved in the first place, from what I read they just used Love You Like That as the inspiration for Never Really Over cause it isn’t even a sample, so they credited Dagny because of that. And to avoid a lawsuit dd
  2. They reached out and asked specifically.


    this isn't a lawsuit waiting to happen, Katy made sure Dagny and her team knew exactly what was going on and were recognised for their work.

    "It was the start of this year that suddenly there was a call from Katy's team," Dagny tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

    "They said 'Hey, we've made a version of Love You Like That and we want to give credit where credit's due'.

    I think it's very good of Katy's team that they did it the right way," Dagny tells Newsbeat.

    "I think it's a really positive thing because I don't think that any songwriter can deny the fact that when you go into sessions you're inspired by different things that you're listening to."

    Dagny says it's not uncommon for her to listen to a bit of Katy Perry for inspiration before she starts writing or recording.

    "There are endless times when I've been in the studio and we've started the session being like 'Let's put on some Katy Perry from 2012, Teenage Dream and all those massive songs she has, let's try and get a vibe from that'."
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  3. Yeees Greg Kurstin ought to be a must for a mature KP album.
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  4. RE Dagny: I need her, Katy, Noonie Bao, and SG lewis in a room for an afternoon.
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  5. Thinking about it, SG Lewis exec producing would be great, since his taste level slightly outmatches his own ability.
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  6. Merzbow
  7. Electric sounds like the missing link between Never Really Over and Daisies. It's better than most of Smile and Witness in full. The GP should eat this up, especially with the Pikachu featuring.
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  8. Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff
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  9. Bloodpop :))))
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  10. I-
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  11. Katy’s recent adoration for Hawaii is iconic. I’m loving this.
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  12. RedOne, David Guetta, Timbaland and Charli XCX.
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  13. I wish Electric was a little less predictable, especially if it's not being pushed fully and they have nothing to lose, but it's also much better than it needed to be. The production positively slaps, Katy sounds at home and it's over three minutes long, well hello I will celebrate that.
  14. MUNA.
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  15. Tove Lo to write with all the big pop girls. A dream, literally a dream.
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  16. RJF


    The way AG Cook and Charli XCX haven’t been mentioned... proud of y’all for this growth.
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  17. Dagny, SG Lewis.
  18. There are a couple of songs on the new Daya EP which would make very good Katy songs. She even sounds a bit like Katy.
  19. Koz, Ian Fitchchuk, SG Lewis, MNEK.
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  20. AG Cook and Charli XCX
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