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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Imagine Katy on Goldfrapp’s “Rocket”. Not to erase “Chained”, but Witness era would have “succeeded” Prism commercially nicely I think.
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  2. Ouch
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  3. Electric being better than Chained or even Smile is not realistic girlies....what a basic and lifeless song (and it's okay), at least Smile had some of her usual quirks in it.
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  4. Smile is extremely shit, so I don't agree on that score. But I do agree about Chained, which is one of her very best songs.
  5. Literally everything on Smile is much better than this. It’s a clunker.
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  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Feel like the Pokemon tie in is weighing in a bit tew much on people's opinions here - if it had followed Never Really Over it would have smashed hard (on here at least), it's true it's true.
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  7. Smile remains an excellent album. The title song remains sub-par, but the rest are pretty much all career highlights.

    Electric is not up there, it's okay. The chorus is cute, the verses less so but it never turns into a disaster. It makes for a pleasant listen! It is definitely better than the ballads on Witness for example and I think that's a more... tangible comparison. It would have made sense on a Witness re-release along with 365 if it was written/recorded around that time.

    The video is good to have, and the way they incorporated pokemon was great. I would have liked it if there were more mons in it like in Detective Pikachu for example, but I guess that was not in the budget.
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  8. If it was on the album then this would happily sit in the upper half of it. Smile was a brilliant album and this is no exception.
    It would also have been in the upper half of Witness, which is also a quality album.
  9. Not this cheap promo song for a Pokémon album being theorised as a successful follow up to Never Really Over.

    Stop gap, cash grab. Nothing else.
  10. The song was recorded for Smile. It wasn't made for Pokemon. It was repurposed for Pokemon.
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  11. Electric gives cute Prism outtake. Given it's a commercial tie-in track and not an actual single, I think the meltdowns are a big overreaction.
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  13. Electric's lyrics are pretty trite/generic, but it would still be a better fit on Smile than the title track, Resilient, or Not The End of the World and definitely sounds like it belongs on the same album as Never Really Over/Harleys/Daisies. Those backing vocals are heavenly.
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  14. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    When will people stop dragging Resilient...
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  15. The only song on Smile that maybe deserved to get the boot is Not the End of the World and that's not cuz its bad, rather just cuz it feels too 'been there done that' for her at this point. The only version of the title track I acknowledge is the one with Diddy and it bops hard, so I have no issues with that one.
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  16. Resilient grew on me so much, it’s a great song.
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  17. Bobby Bones (country radio host and Katy’s fellow American Idol cast member) might’ve spilled that she got married recently?

  18. Yeah, the guy I'm seeing at the moment said the same. He could recite Katy Hudson to Smile, all the recorded songs not on albums, and was wondering whether to spend grands of money to see her in Las Vegas instead of seeing his family this Christmas.

    Yet, he was wondering how much she would have been paid to be a part of this and film a video with a CGI Pikachu. No shame in it, but it's not earth shattering could have saved the Smile campaign worthy.
  19. Lovely acoustic performance of Thinking of You on American Idol:

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