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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. Yeah, she’s been posting conspiracy theories related to COVID on Instagram since last year. She thinks all you need to do against the virus is eat vegetables, exercise and being connected with high level spirits. It’s a mess.
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  2. What are you talking about? Lol
  3. Ugh, that's disappointing.
  4. Yeah I didn't immediately think of her tweet as anti-vax, just as tone deaf.
  5. She grew up in a Christian cult.

    She isn’t anti vax she just is too much of a vapid limousine liberal to realize these SoCal take your vitamin statements are harmful to impressionable followers.
  6. 'Which vaccine did you get beb?'
    'Double vacated in JOY hbu?'
  7. She would absolutely say this as a joke even though she probably paid under the table for Moderna when it was reserved for doctors only.
  8. In what is a very Britney thread style update, it appears as if she may have dyed her hair black again.
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  9. I mean, she’s not entirely wrong. There are studies which have proven that happiness has somewhat of a positive effect on your immune system and antibody response. Just…her wording is not right.
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  10. And Katy has most definitely read those studies.
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  11. I don’t think she’s anti vax she just has California millionaire brain

  12. That spoken-word Robyn feature on Solar Power really shook the girls.
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  13. I'm pretty sure @Grins was talking about Sarah Hudson, not Katy, y'all
  14. Yeah, I thought that was pretty obvious but English is not my first language so...
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  15. Sarah Hudson being antivax was one conversation and then we talked about Katy's JOY vs Pfizer tweet, there wasn't any confusion?
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  16. I thought if was going to be more salacious but basically the label ended up signing the girl that actually wrote the song rather than the one that just sang a version of it.
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  17. Yeah it's more interesting with respect to artist development. Nothing juicy unfortunately!
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  18. You and I, I, study paper in Hawaii-i-i
  19. She's not anti vax she's just promoting Smile!
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