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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. The Met Gala is this Monday and its theme is In America: A Lexicon Of Fashion. I hope that Katy re-wears one of these dresses:

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  2. Not Harley's still increasing!
  3. Up to 325k now, I genuinely think this could pull a Truth Hurts.
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  4. Keep putting it out into the universe!
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  5. Harleys in Hawaii is Top 5 Katy for me (and her best video ever) so I'm 100% here for this popjustice.
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  6. Harley's is second only to Teenage Dream for me. It's utterly gorgeous, and entirely underrated.
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  7. Why is this happening?
  8. Because talent always wins.
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  9. These increases happen all the time when songs are used on TikTok - see Britney's Criminal, Circus, Gimme More or Nicki's I'm Legit. This is nowhere even in the same universe as what happened with Truth Hurts, though. 325K is a cute spike, but it isn't a significant number - the song at #200 on global Spotify is pulling over 750K.
  10. I wish I saw what everyone does in “Harleys.” It’s perfectly pleasant, but a career highlight I don’t find it to be!
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  11. Katy Top 3 with Bon Appetizer and Walking On Air.
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  12. Harleys in Hawaii is just so much cooler than everything else on this album. It should have been the blueprint. Never Really Over is cute, but Harleys is the real mood. Too bad the rest of the album is just the usual Katy blandness.

    For me, one of the problems with Smile and Witness is that they show some real growth in a song or two, but she just can't sustain that across a whole album.
  13. Still so weird how Smile and Witness are written entirely off when both have some fantastic songs that I argue do show some growth, sonically/lyrically/vocally. That's not to say both don't have low moments but they are nowhere near as weak as how they're discussed.
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  14. Not going straight from Never Really Over into Harleys as a single is one of the many mistakes of the Smile campaign.
  15. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Not having the album ready in 2019, not performing Never Really Over, releasing Small Talk as a single... and these four are just the issues that come off the top of my head. Its like they wanted a second flop.
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  16. Harleys in Hawaii does something she has had some trouble with in the last few years - it feels both fresh for her and intrinsically her. Witness and Smile (both albums I enjoy) have opposite problems: the songs on Witness that work are good songs (even a few hit worthy ones)- but they don't really sound like Katy Perry songs. Smile has songs that are often so Katy Perry that it feels like she's repeating something she's done before - and better. Smile (the title track) is a really fun bop. But it's Birthday and This Is How We Do and Chained to the Rhythm in a blender.

    I don't think Katy needs some massive artistic overhaul. The only thing she needs to do is find some collaborators that can update her sound to something a bit more fresh but stay identifiably her. Never Really Over is a good example. Harleys is a good example. Daisies is a good example. She still gets it right. She just isn't firing on all cylinders anymore.
  17. Witness houses two of my all-time favourite pops songs and a few great deep cuts, so I'll always have some appreciation for it. But as an album ~experience, I think the lashings are justified. The flow/pacing is a mess and many promising songs are spoiled by bad lyrics and/or boring structures.

    Smile is more consistent if a bit lacking in adventure. The Harleys in Hawaii vibe is definitely worth exploring again though. I'd say it's the most sensual she's ever sounded on record, even when she erupts into those massive belts at the end.
  18. This is just the beginning.

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  19. Smile (song) isn't bad, just...stale - it definitely felt like something she'd done dozens of times before. The remixes were great though.

    Honestly Daisies was/is the freshest thing she'd released in ages and making it the proper lead was a perfect decision. I really hope she uses it and Harleys as the blueprint for her next album
  20. The way Harley's has the same "heh, here's an one-off track that deserved to be the blueprint for an entire era" vibe as Tsunami.... Maybe that's her talent?
    edit: Can we think of similar ones in her other albums?
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