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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

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    Smile does not deserve to be paired with Witness - Cry About It Later, Tucked, Champagne Problems and Only Love are all brilliant album tracks, something Witness severely lacks.
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  2. I don't think anyone is genuinely expecting this to go to #1
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  3. I didn't say anything about it going #1, just that the Truth Hurts comparisons are a major reach.
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  4. Let’s not forget Smile has Never Really Over, Katy’s best song ever. Already miles ahead of Witness.
  5. Spiritual for Prism.
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  6. Not her misspelling her own song title.
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  7. The replies ffffff force a hit girls!!
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  8. Hits in Hawaii is still on the climb on Spotify!

    Romania: #35 (+7)
    Saudi Arabia: #69 (+51)
    Bulgaria: #86
    Germany: #137 (+44)
    Turkey: #138 (+42)
    Switzerland: #146 (+45)
    Morocco: #171 (+25)
    Austria: #193 (NE)

    She’s now charting on Apple Music in 20 countries now too.

    Apple Music:
    #16 Romania (=)
    #16 Saudi Arabia (+7)
    #23 Armenia (-8)
    #51 Bulgaria (+27)
    #56 Bahrain (NE)
    #64 Cyprus (+29)
    #64 Oman (NE)
    #64 Sri Lanka (+15)
    #87 Laos (NE)
    #92 Tajikistan (-72)
    #98 Kyrgyzstan (+22)
    #102 Kazakhstan (+13)
    #112 Jordan (-66)
    #132 Azerbaijan (-2)
    #140 Turkey (+35)
    #141 Mauritius (NE)
    #147 Lebanon (NE)
    #179 Hungary (NE)
    #184 Cambodia (-8)
    #185 Greece (NE)
  9. I didn’t appreciate Harleys as much as I should have at the time but now it’s on repeat! would love to see this become a hit for her
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  10. Happy to have always been a Harleys truther.
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  11. If you didn't stream Hitless in Hawaii when it was out you don't deserve it now.
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  12. Rise up Little Harleys!

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  13. Harleys truly is one of her best songs and has been since release!
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  14. And this accompanying animation! So cool, and honestly a clever little response to the issue of tourism in Hawaii.
  15. My 11 in the Katy rate was maybe a little too ahead of its time for certain people.
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  16. I'm so happy she's aware of the love at least. Flog those shoes Mum!
  17. Now if we could just hurry up and get it to #1 for a week or two so we can move onto making Never Really Over the chart dominating behemoth that it was wrongly denied…
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