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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. 'Never Really Over's chorus
    The stans are hard at work again I see.
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  2. It's up to #8 on her Spotify page! Rise up, Harleys rise, this is the beginning.
  3. Top 200 in 27 countries now, starting to pop up in larger markets such as Germany and Turkey now too.
  4. My cousin from Turkey downloaded Harleys in Hawaii and his fiancé saw and broke off their engagement.
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  5. No more cruising down heart-shaped highways.
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  6. Katy's new songs being No 39 on New Music Friday next era confirmed.
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  7. Rob


    So it'll be like the Tidal launch but without any star power.
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  8. I wish them an ounce of luck.
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  9. Wow, that’s pretty huge. Hope her label get behind it over the coming weeks.
  10. It's moved into her top 5 now (ff I've typed this exact statement in like three other threads). In addition to streaming Hits in Hawaii, let's not forget about this bop of a remix
  11. Harleys is going to push the album to a billion streams in a couple of days.
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  12. PopfuckingJustice. Smile is 80% great and it's about time people are Wide Awake.
  13. They didn't send Smile to radio despite all promo pointing to it being the single, including being played ad nauseam in a Target commercial. They didn't send Electric to radio - not even Hot AC. So I'm kind of doubting even with the clear renewed interest in Harleys that Capitol will suddenly decide to start doing their job again and promote their artist.

    Now that said Katy hasn't exactly been the queen of promo these last few years either, outside of Daisies (and we can question whether that was the right kind of promo).
  14. There's nothing for her label to do here. 500,000 streams globally is a nice bump but it isn't significant enough to try to turn the song into a hit (aside from maybe in Romania). Radio in the US isn't going to touch the song just because it's popping up on TikTok, especially when that spike isn't translating to any visible traction on US streaming. If all the songs that got streamed thanks to TikTok turned into smashes, CupcakKe would be Queen of the Hot 100.
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  15. We get it sis. Let us have our little moment.
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  16. dddd I mean it IS a moment. I'm happy Harley's is getting it, too, because it's easily the second-best song on the album after Never Really Over and it deserved a proper push much earlier. I don't mean to detract from it. There's just a lot of "What is her label doing?!" and that doesn't really make any sense.
  17. Harleys In Hawaii hits different when you’re riding your bike through the park on a glorious sunny spring day (while armed with the knowledge that it’s having a cute little moment on TikTok).
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