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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

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  2. That was such a pleasing time to be a pop fan, I remember being desperate for The One That Got Away to hit number one but alas not everyone has taste.
  3. Literally a part of my childhood. I had no idea about the chart placements, but every time the radio was playing at least one of those singles was going to be on not long after. They were completely inescapable. And I got my life every single time.
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  4. Thinking about the jealous other gerls who said those #1s were bought and paid for and now that the charts were so easily gamed everyone else could and would get five #1s off one album too

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  6. This would be a good lead into a greatest hits.
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  7. Yes there's a very big greatest hits vibe in the air with Katy right now, isn't there? It'd tie in nicely with Vegas.
  8. Pretty much the only way a greatest hits makes sense nowadays is if you're on American Idol every week and can hawk physicals to...the demographic that tunes into American Idol every week. So yeah, that might not be a bad idea as the shopping season commences.
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  9. There's something satisfying in one of the later "Big Pop Girls" having a Greatest Hits. I know they're out fashion and useless in the streaming world but a Greatest Hits as a standalone own release with a new song or two thrown in feels like a right of passage for certain artists, and Katy is one of them. It makes sense as a victory lap.
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  10. She should really pull a Celebration of sorts and do a standard one disc (with just the top 20's and a few new songs) and a 'deluxe' double disc that includes all of her singles. Cuz really, I would argue Katy didn't have a true flop single until 365. Bon Appetit and Swish Swish were not the standard of smash she was used to, but its hard to call songs that ultimately have a billion streams across platforms out and out bombs. And though I have a reputation for defending the traditional single, at this point it'd be silly to not include Harleys even though it wasn't an actual single. This does not go for Hey Hey Hey, which does not get an invite.
  11. A track list like this would be great, I think it pretty much includes everything you'd consider a "hit", apart from some of her collabs;
    1 Teenage Dream
    2 Firework
    3 Roar
    4 Dark Horse
    5 I Kissed a Girl
    6 California Gurls
    7 ET
    8 Last Friday Night
    9 Part of Me
    10 Hot N Cold
    11 Chained To the Rhythm
    12 Wide Awake
    13 The One That Got Away
    14 Waking Up in Vegas
    15 Never Really Over
    16 Birthday
    17 Thinking of You
    18 Swish Swish
    19 Unconditionally
    20 This is How We Do
    21 Daisies
    22 Bon Appetit
    23 Harleys in Hawaii
    24 New Single
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  12. Would be very here for a Greatest Hits. I've always loved the idea of them as an easy way to get a bunch of faves on one disc, and Katy definitely has the material. Excited for any new songs that might come with it. I revisited Smile recently and it really is a great, fun pop album.
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  13. A Greatest Hit with four new singles featuring a big name collabo or two would be ideal.
  14. A Greatest Hits album in a streaming era? I don’t think it’s a good idea. You can make your own greatest hits album by creating a playlist in any minute.
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  15. It’s one of the best time in pop music history. I love every moment of it. TBH, I was mad as hell for it not being #1 which the song totally deserves it.

    Teenage Dream era & Queen Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope era are my favorite eras of all time.
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  16. Someone says this every time Greatest Hits is mentioned but they actually do really well. I'm not sure about Billboard but even though the packages are essentially pointless given people can make them themselves on playlists, Greatest Hits make up like 1/3rd of the chart here in the U.K. anyway. The Weeknd's one has done really well in both the US and U.K., and that one didn't even have bother with any new singles or any kind of campaign I don't think?
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  17. Bop after bop. I don’t think she gets enough credit for her output because they’re bops but they’re mostly 10s.
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