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Katy Perry - Smile

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jamesmax, Sep 8, 2018.

  1. I would love a Katy christmas album.
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  2. Watch them not include a full version of Every Day Is A Holiday just to spite us.
  3. Or worse, a stripped down ballad version.
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  4. Please return with some cliché bops, Queen. Smile wasn't it!

    Here for A Very Katy Christmas though
  5. The bathroom concert series returns for Harleys In Hawaii:

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  7. She looks and sounds SO good!
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  8. Why is she singing in toilets
  9. Fake fan!
  10. I've never even been a real fan to begin with mami. You tried it.

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  11. Get out of our house
  12. This is cute. The "basic" next to her name though ff
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  13. Ddd not me thinking the same but it's on all of them
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  14. Yeah, all unevolved Pokémon cards say that


    but it does read a bit different when next to a pop girl's name ddd
  15. Can we say that
    or is it too soon?
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  16. If only the campaign would have Never Really Over, Daisies if she had to, album, Harleys and one of the great songs that were just there to release instead of Smile. The album is by no means great but better timing and better choices would have done so so so much for her and this campaign. But we have been there so many times. It is just that I will never get it.

    Never Really Over remains an absolute masterpiece.
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  17. I think the biggest mistake in a row of mistakes was the album cover with that scary crying clown image.
  18. What is… this? Why does it… exist?
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