Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate & Your Winner.

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Are you ready for a perfect storm?

It's time we acknowledged Katy Perry and her music.
It's time we threw two fingers to those who insist on crushing every record she sets, every sale she achieves and every milestone she pushes past with ease. Whether you like it or not, Katy Perry is here to stay, and has already gone down in history as one of the most successful artists of our time. So let's get appreciating.


First off, one large introductary rule: There will be no trolling.
I will actively gage whether I believe your vote is believable or not, and I expect that if you (like myself) find yourself in a position where the majority of tracks are of an incredibly low standard OR high standard then please provide commentary giving weight to why you believe such a thing. Otherwise you will be PM'd by myself and without futher clarification your votes will be removed, without any hesitation.

With that out the way, let's begin...

First up, we have a slightly unknown and questionable one. Is this her first true release? Is it not? Aren't we rating Katy Perry, and this is not Katy Perry? Well, I'm including it because... Well, it's pretty good so you should give it a listen, and really if you strip the name you still have that great voice and those unique productions. Released in 2001 to dismal success, this has become somewhat of a fan record with Katy's later success. Receiving positive reviews but sales of less then 200 copies (Ouch), Katy moved on from that kind of sound as we all know. But how does it fare now? We shall see.

Katy Hudson
01: Trust in Me
02: Piercing
03: Search Me
04: Last Call
05: Growing Pains
06: My Own Monster
07: Spit
08: Faith Won't Fail
09: Naturally
10: When There's Nothing Left
Listen here


For many this is her true debut album, and what a bloody album. Released in 2008 the album spawned monster hits such as 'I Kissed a Girl' and 'Hot n Cold' as well as fan favourite 'Thinking of You' and personal favourite 'Waking Up in Vegas'. With a comic humour piercing a handful of witty pop songs, she exploded on to the scene and began her incredible career. But has she trumped it since?

Katy Perry / One of the Boys
01: One of the Boys
02: I Kissed a Girl
03: Waking Up in Vegas
04: Thinking of You
05: Mannequin
06: Ur So Gay
07: Hot n Cold
08: If You Can Afford Me
09: Lost
10: Self Inflicted
11: I'm Still Breathing
12: Fingerprints
xx: I Think I'm Ready
xx: A Cup of Coffee


Who doesn't know this album? A complete tour de force of an era if I've ever witnessed one, where Katy and her team effortlessly created hit after hit with powerful, funny and fantastic music videos one after another. One look at this campaign should school every pop star on how to really do it, and it rightfully propelled Katy to worldwide domination. With an approximate 6,000,000 copies sold worldwide it spawned some of pop musics biggest singles: Summer anthem 'California Gurls', pop masterpiece 'Teenage Dream', power ballad 'Firework', the haunting 'E.T', the undeniable 'Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) and the heartbreaking 'The One That Got Away'. And that's not all. It's further re-release pushed it for an even longer time, gifting us with the incredible 'Part of Me' and monumental ballad 'Wide Awake'. Is there anything this album didn't do?

Katy Perry / Teenage Dream
01: Teenage Dream
02: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)
03: California Gurls ft. Snoop Dogg
04: Firework
05: Peacock
06: Circle the Drain
07: The One That Got Away
08: E.T.
09: Who Am I Living For?
10: Pearl
11: Hummingbird Heartbeat
12: Not Like the Movies
13: The One That Got Away (Acoustic)
14: Part of Me
15: Wide Awake
16: Dressin' Up
17: E.T. ft. Kanye West
18: Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) ft. Missy Elliott


Last but certainly not least is my own personal favourite. Her latest studio album, built on the imagery of light piercing the dark. Her highest critically acclaimed album yet, it birthed two of her biggest ever single ('Roar' and 'Dark Horse) and my own absolute favourite song of all time 'Unconditionally', plus another favourite of mine 'Birthday'. It has went on to become one of the best selling albums currently, and the best selling female album behind Beyoncé with over 3 million sales worldwide acheived already. Will the light be able to pierce the misery that will no doubt descend on this very thread though? That's the question.

Katy Perry / Prism
01: Roar
02: Legendary Lovers
03: Birthday
04: Walking On Air
05: Unconditionally
06: Dark Horse ft. Juicy J
07: This Is How We Do
08: International Smile
09: Ghost
10: Love Me
11: This Moment
12: Double Rainbow
13: By the Grace of God
14: Spiritual
15: It Takes Two
16: Choose Your Battles


xx: Use Your Love
xx: Simple
xx: Starstrukk
xx: If We Ever Meet Again
xx: Who You Love
xx: Legends Never Die

If I've missed any here you think really deserve to have a place, please let me know as soon as possible. And if you need any links to songs, I can provide them.

In standard fare, what you need to do is rate each and every track to your liking with whole scores, or to a half point, and I'll do the rest... You guys just put your feet up and have a cup of coffee. Above all I just want people to enjoy the rate, and I'm gonna try my hardest to make it entertaining and endearing. That's why I'm putting my foot down on troll votes, because she's obviously going to get them, but I don't mind losing some votes if I think it's going to harm us having a great time tracking these.
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Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

Damn, I would do this if it was a singles rate, but I can't go through so many Katy Perry album tracks.
Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

Even as a Katy stan, I'm not sure I'm able to sit through an hour of Christian music ... but I'll try.
What's the deadline?
Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

Christ, I didn't think you were going to wheel out her Jesus Compilation. Give me strength.
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Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

Oops I forgot to include the deadline, I'll update it now.

and it's a pretty good album, you should give it a try at least!
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Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

Do we really need to rate the remixes on Teenage Dream?
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Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

Yes, because it's interesting to see the difference between the two for the most part. It's not difficult to decide whether they elevate or ruin the song for you, is it?

I'm willing to remove Katy Hudson if people really, really think it's unnecessary... I just thought it'd be nice to include...
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Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

200 copies for her debut though - did she sell it at the church fair?

This should be good - also pushes me to listen to 'One of the Boys'.
Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

I don't mean to sound picky, but god knows how I am going to sit through Katy's Christian music. I think I could claim for whiplash going from 'When There's Nothing Left' to 'I Kissed A Girl'.

Also, the inclusion of some of the remixes are a little bit pointless, no? I mean 'Last Friday Night' is essentially the exact same song twice, with just a Missy Elliot 8 bar tacked on.
Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

Fairly certain if I do this, I'm gonna skip on Katy Hudson entirely, but I guess my ability to participate in this is dependent on whether or not I'm capable of getting through Katy Perry album tracks from Teenage Dream onward. I'm Still Breathing and Self Inflicted for Top 5.
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Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

I think people are being a little forthcoming in taking down Katy Hudson for its christian roots. For the most part you can replace the 'He' she's singing to with the image of someone she loves and it's exactly the same? The production is pretty good, and her vocals are quite raw and emotional. I think it's a great little album and it's definitely insightful because it's not all that different from where she eventually went with her sound. It's very Kelly Clarkson-lite if anything.

And the remixes, well, it's not really hurting anyone? There's only a few. I did the same with my Marina VS Eliie Goulding rate, with 'Hanging On' having a remix, and it was interesting to see the rap version falling far, far, far below the other. It'll be interesting to see just how far it can pull the track down without actually pulling it down. And plus they were released, so...

There's two weeks, so you've got a load of time to listen to the songs, right? I mean there isnt that many album tracks if you remove the singles. Then it's just Katy Hudson, and I really want that to surprise those who haven't listened to it.
Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

I don't think I can bear to see how you lot treat Faith Won't Fail (to Fail Miserably) to be honest.
Re: Katy Perry: The Definitive Rate.

I actually prefer that One of the Boys cover... it's cute.

I want to give Teenage Dream the votes it deserves and If We Ever Meet Again the ten that it is.