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Katy Perry - The Rate WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. I think there's a great song in 'Power' somewhere. I think with less harsh production, and, dare I say it, a bit of the Max Martins to it, it could have been a really solid bop. The drums are really offputting. Damn you, Jack Garratt.
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  2. Not enough people talk about the amazing middle-8 in 'Resilient' for my liking.
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  3. Resilient is nice! Power is fine but yeah, unfortunately the parts that differentiate it from similar songs (thematically) also make it lowkey annoying.
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  4. It probably doesn't make a huge difference, but I gave Power a 2!

    Again, the vocals just have been treated really oddly, and the whole thing feels like a weird remix of a Katy Hudson track.
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  5. [​IMG]
    73. Cosy Little Christmas
    Average: 6.25 (New entry)
    Highest score: 10x2 @unnameable @yeRleDanaL
    Lowest score: 0x1 @Hurricane Drunk
    My score: 7

    If you would have told me a few years ago that Katy was going to have her own semi-recurrent Christmas hit, I'd have asked you to send me 'Every Day Is a Holiday' immediately. Instead we get 'Cosy Little Christmas', a little Amazon-exclusive oddity that should have been pushed to number one like 'River'. I've warmed to it a lot, as it embodies a much different type of christmas song than you'd expect her to supply, and the visuals have this almost demented horror Xmas vibe which she suits so damn well. Maybe I'm alone in waiting for a KP-Xmas EP, but I'm ready Katy. Release it.

    72. High On Your Supply
    Average: 6.28 (New entry)
    Highest score: 10x1 @eatyourself
    Lowest score: 1x1 @Espeon
    My score: 6

    Perry has some pretty fantastic bonus tracks, this... isn't one of them. A target exclusive, 'High...' tackles the insecurity of body image on social media. This just doesn't click with me at all, and is certainly her weakest lyrical effort in a while. Admittedly I think she's directing this toward herself as opposed to attacking others, but still an opening verse about embarrassing Instagrams, big lips and arched backs? Is this 2006?
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  6. Resilient leaving feels correct, but Power is a bitter pill to swallow.
    It was a real moment on Witness for me that stood out as exciting.
    Not too fussed about the other two.
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  7. Power never struck with me, even when re-listening for this rate, it was just noisy.
  8. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    I read people praising High On Your Supply on release day and when I finally heard it I couldn't believe that was the song people were talking about. It's embarrassing.
  9. Some of you trying really hard to find salvageable elements on these rubbish Witness early-outs, I mean you gotta appreciate the honest effort.
  10. 'Power' is a brilliant track, but it's not nice on the ears.
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  11. I actually quite like Cozy Little Christmas but it’s not exactly a loss. Pretty happy with all the other exits, though it’s time for the latter half of Prism to take a hit.
  12. Though I'm not against these Smile cuts, Prism needs a culling right away
  13. I'm loving that Prism is holding on even though there are a few tracks I wouldn't mind leaving at all. I just know we'll eliminate songs I love instead though, so let me hang on a little while longer.

    Resilient | 7.5 | One of my least favorites from Smile but as you can see those are still more than serviceable.

    Power | 5.25 | Coming back-to-back with Mind Maze on the album is a big yikes for me, especially after the first five tracks of Witness being good to great.

    Cozy Little Christmas | 4.5 | I'm always a 'Grinch' on the forum when it comes to Christmas songs but sometimes I can be swayed into a cute 8/10 or something. This is definitely not one of those times.

    High On Your Supply | 7 | Don't remember this one but my score tells me that I didn't mind it, despite the dragging it is getting for its lyrics.
  14. Starting to regret my fairly generous One Of The Boys scores. I can't believe it still hasn't lost a song aside from Ur So Gay and the bonus tracks.
  15. I'm pleasantly surprised by the outcomes so far. Only thing that could make it better is If We Ever Meet Again and What Makes A Woman leaving next.
  16. I've always loved Mind Maze and Power, I get the grating qualities but both songs are genuinely a bit off kilter and weird. Had Witness followed this template more closely I think I would appreciate it more overall.
  17. Do we have 3OH!3 fans here or something?
  18. [​IMG]
    71. Immortal Flame
    Average: 6.34 (New entry)
    Highest score: 10x2 @Sprockrooster @Lost Boy
    Lowest score: 2x3 @Dangerous Maknae @j267 @happiestgirl

    Times like this I'm gutted I didn't ask for commentary, because I need it to understand the hate. I'm glad I included this for those who had never heard it before. It's a beautiful little ballad that goes unnoticed in her career owing to its existence for that Final Fantasy mobile game, even to the biggest fans. That's of course her fault, or whoever signed the contract, because it's not on Spotify for me to stream a million times. Very much a sound Perry has visited often for her ballads, most notably sounding like it was pulled right from the Teenage Dream vault, 'Immortal Flame' joins the plethora of songs about burning love. Honestly this little throwaway Final Fantasy moment has no sense being this damn beautiful, especially that ending. Catch me streaming this and 'My Hands' back to back.

    70. Peacock
    Average: 6.40 (Up 1.06 points, down 19 places)
    Highest score: 10x7 @Sprockrooster @GimmeWork @Ana Raquel @Untouchable Ace @slaybellz @Leader Beans @Remorque
    Lowest score: 1x5 @BeingNormal @Aester @phily693 @aux @ohnostalgia
    My score: 8

    Now I'm not the type to laugh at a number, but the fact 'Peacock' so nearly bottomed out at an iconic 69th place does not go by me unnoticed. Increasing an enormous 1.06 points from the last rate, 'Peacock' seems to have gathered fans with its feathers, but not enough to soar out of the bottom twenty. A brash innuendo filled anthem to seeing someone's beautiful penis was always going to be a divisive one, but on Popjustice of all places? I'm shook. 'Peacock' performed well despite her label wanting it scrapped, puncturing the ceiling of the homo-home Billboard Dance Club Songs chart and going on to sell over one million copies. Katy Perry walked so Wet Ass Pussies could run. Truly.

  19. Immortal Flame | 6 | I was going to say this must have been a stand alone Spotify single that passed me by or that I heard once and said "oh okay, that's nice" and proceeded to forget about it, but I guess it wasn't on Spotify.

    Peacock | 3 | I threatened a 0, but settled on a 3 because it has bopability to it, but I'll never get over how grating the chorus is to my ears, probably for obvious reasons ddd, but I'm also a straight who stans for songs like "Everybody Needs a Man" or Smile.DK's "Boys" so it's not exactly dead cert that I'm going to run the other direction. I'm always surprised it has so many passionate fans kind of like that 'Baby' song in the Natasha Bedingfield Rate but I really shouldn't be in retrospect. Now we can leave Teenage Dream alone for a bit although I still have a 5/10 but know it's a fan favorite so I'll leave it alone. I gave Firework a meh score too, so won't shed any crocodile tears over it either.
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  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Nothing of value has left just yet! Starstrukk and If We Ever Meet Again easily deserve to still be here over all the filler out already.
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