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Katy Perry - The Rate WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by swim, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]
    50. Not the End of the World
    Average: 6.94 (New entry)
    Highest score: 10x4 @Sprockrooster @Rose-Coloured Boy @aboutyounow @Rem
    Lowest score: 2x1 @j267
    My score: 9

    Joining her chart focused trap-lite efforts, 'Not the End of the World' takes on the misery of lockdown directly by offering a new perspective as a means of feeling better. As truthful as it is, I have always despised the term and the idea that putting your problems into real perspective might heal you of them. No, your problems are valid and your life is your own. That being said, I've needed the sentiment as our lives have been forcibly paused, and it helps that its a well crafted catchy bop to boot. Much like the album it doesnt aim to reinvent the wheel, and shes certainly already perfected this sound, but would it be a Katy Perry album with the momentary lapse into a more clinical, brooding production amongst the cheese?

    49. Bigger Than Me
    Average: 6.96 (New entry)
    Highest score: 10x6 @Espeon @soratami @yeRleDanaL @BeingNormal @Untouchable Ace @Remorque
    Lowest score: 1x1 @Cutlery
    My score: 8.5

    The Witness cull claims the subtle Clinton inspired dance banger 'Bigger Than Me', which at least still made the top 50. A squeaky clean effort inspired by the fucking disaster that was the US election, its a clear embrace of her religious upbringing and an acceptance that tries to assail the fact that Donald Trump won. Its as generic as Perry usually is, but the sleek production and the quiet dance quality to it gives it a special place in the album. It certainly feels like the heart of it at times.
  2. Bigger Than Me is a sonic representation of Hilary Clinton's politics, meaning it's an atrocious mess that only gets by through the virtue of its parent album's alternative being even more shite than itself.
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  3. I still have nine songs with a score lower that 6.

    Six of them are singles oop.
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  4. [​IMG]
    48. Spiritual
    Average score: 6.98 (Up 0.80 points, down 7 places)
    Highest score: 11 @DJHazey
    10x4 @Sprockrooster @eatyourself @AllGagaLike @Crisp X
    Lowest score: 2x1 @happiestgirl
    My score: 9

    Commentary by @DJHazey :
    How times have changed. Looking back at one of the first rates I ever took part in, I see Spiritual must have fresh on my ears when I didn’t even give it a 10! All I could muster for commentary was something about it having an 80s Easy Listening vibe to it? Well yes it has an ‘80s Heart vibe’ for sure, so my stanning of it makes sense actually.

    Must have been soon after that when Spiritual stormed its way into my brain, heart, and soul forever though, because if anyone asks me to say my favorite Katy track, my instantaneous response will always be “Spiritual”. Katy’s vocals align itself with the song’s emotions too because she sounds nothing short of heavenly! My God her vocals fucking soar!

    Add in the fact that the chorus is structured to draw me in and never let me go, then a dash of its feature in Vampire Academy <3 and we have everything I need to declare it as one of my all-time favorite pop songs. Let me play it on repeat a bitsy because my poor misunderstood baby hasn’t had my attention in too long.

    Take heart in the fact your eleven actually wasn't the first to go, Hazey. 'Spiritual's departure leaves Prism with one bonus track remaining, but it at least managed a 0.8 point increase in the process. Featuring a certain Dear John, 'Spiritual' is an unabashed love song that paints her boo as something of a higher experience, again channeling her religious upbringing with a behest of angelic references. I've always hated that this wasn't on the standard because it's just so strong, particularly noteworthy amongst the more dreamlike production of Prisms back end.
  5. I remember back when Prism first came out somebody mentioned on here how 'Spiritual' sounds like something that would've been played in The Bronze on Buffy, and since then I've been fond of it.
  6. 'Bigger Than Me' is my favourite Witness album track. I don't think Roulette should be outlasting it.
  7. Seeing these two stone cold bops leave one after another is very painful. Both are definitely among the highlights of their parent albums, especially "Bigger Than Me".

    "Witness" has been done so dirty...
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  8. What an absolute rollercoaster of emotions with these eliminations dd

    Not the End of the World 8
    Bigger Than Me 1 Truly my least favorite Katy song
    Spiritual 9 Alternatively this is one of the Prism tracks I come back the most to and I'm disappointed it didn't crack that 7 average
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  9. Spiritual is fantastic but I think it's bonus status hurts it in the minds of many, for whatever reason. And Bigger Than Me is the best non-single on Witness behind the title track.
  10. The detailed production and vocal delivery of "Spritiual" is what makes the song for me. It has that slightly odd and refined sound that's not found elsewhere on the album (except maybe "Choose Your Battles").

    It got my highest score out of the "PRISM" bonus tracks, but I can deal with "Choose Your Battles" being the winning bonus track.
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  11. Mannequin | 4.5 | A little too off kilter for my liking I guess, it always has been.

    Double Rainbow | 7 | One of those Prism tracks that's always been just 'almost there' for me but never among my favorites.

    I'm Still Breathing | 3.75 | Yeah I am totally in the 'balladphobia' crowd on this one, I'm sorry. I'm not a card-carrying member of that club either normally, as much as I stan basic bops but this one is dull for me.

    Dressin' Up | 9 | And there's one of those basic bops I of course stan for.

    By the Grace of God | 8.5 | This emotional anthem was a song that I kind of left behind years ago but this rate had me re-connect with it. If we don't count "Spritual" as an outright ballad, this is my favorite of the late-Prism slowies.

    Lost | 4.5 | This cull continues to be very up and down for me, but with this elimination I believe all my 'negative' scores are gone.

    Love Me | 5.5 | If you keep By the Grace of God in, and only lose this you'd have the perfect Prism album remaining.

    Not the End of the World | 7 | My lowest Smile score left.

    Bigger Than Me | 9.75 | Tragedy, when the feeling's gone and you can't go on...well okay this performance is a lot better than I expected considering it was one of the first tracks gone from the album in the BPG rate. I don't think I ever knew or figured out the Clinton connection, I'll keep bopping blissfully unaware.

    Spiritual | 11 | Welp, my comments are all there. This surpassed a certain song as my 11, a song that made my first Ultimate Popjustice Top 20...so it's quite a victory lap for it. Again, it has survived a lot of other fan favorites this time around and stayed longer than I'd ever imagined it would and beat a lot of the second half of the album. I love that @P'NutButter mentioned that it could sound like a Bronze soundtrack song from Buffy which is perfect!
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  12. Perry confirmed the song title during an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly where she revealed it was inspired by the results of the election. She was a huge supporter and advocate of Hillary Clinton at the time. "I have a song on the record called “Bigger Than Me,” and I think the song talks about Hillary and the election and something is happening that’s bigger than her. Yes, maybe at that moment she lost. But that might have been a battle, and we’re [now] looking at a war here. I think you have to think about long-term. I think [the election] woke up a sleeping giant that is now getting its strength back and breathing and about to just slay!", Perry told Entertainment Weekly about the song. Further proving the song's inspiration, a tweet from January 23, 2016 by Perry references lyrics from the song saying, "Speak your truth even if your voice shakes. Live your truth even if your body breaks. Spirit survives."

    I forgot to mention Purity Ring were behind it too, a bop!
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  13. ‘Bigger than Me’ is easily the best album track Witness has to offer, outside of its title track.

    I’m not a fan who held the era to an impossible standard because of the initial indication it was going to tap into meatier and possibly political subject matter but it’s a really nice continuation of ‘Chained...’s exploration of self and existentialism sold really well through Katy’s lense.
  14. [​IMG]
    47. If We Ever Meet Again
    Average: 7.11 (Up 0.38 points, down 22 places)
    Highest score: 10x8 @yeRleDanaL @aboutyounow @Ana Raquel @An Insider @Andrew.L @Esprit @Holly Something @Rem
    Lowest score: 1x1 @slaybellz
    My score: 9

    Breaking us into the 7-point average is Katy's, arguably, biggest foray into the world of features. You would have thought it a bit of a smash in the US but apparently it only just scraped the top forty. It peaked at number three over here in the UK, so maybe thats why it feels like it was a bit more ubiquitous over here. Quite a few people have named this to go already and... I dont really know why they did. Its an absolute monster of a song, its brimming with nostalgia, she sounds incredible. I wouldn't have scoffed if it made the top forty, alas the 7 point break is enough of a celebration.

    46. Tsunami
    Average: 7.13 (New entry)
    Highest score: 10x6 @An Insider @Seventeen Days @myblood @inevitable @GimmeWork @eatyourself
    Lowest score: 3x1 @happiestgirl
    My score: 9

    With this elimination, just six tracks remain from what is clearly her most divisive album. Most definitely an experiment of sound for Perry, Tsunami ditches the usual bombast for slinky bass and a sultry delivery, definitely a precursor to the eventual creation of 'Harleys in Hawaii', and it lives and dies at the hand of that production. Either youre sucked into that otherworldly atmosphere or youre not.
  15. RIP By The Grace of God

    Edit: And Tsunami!
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  17. "Tsunami" is one of the weakest songs from "Witness" and I'm disgusted that it outlasted "Bigger Than Me", among other songs from that album.
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  18. [​IMG]

    @slaybellz a 1...
    You're the villain of the rate
  19. If We Ever Meet Again | 7.5 | Harmless bop that I outright dismissed years ago but my stance softened alot this time, but I'm left feeling like I over-scored just a tad in comparison. For instance I gave Double Rainbow a 7/10 and feel it's more worthy.

    Tsunami | 6.25 | been waiting for this one to exit which means all the 'oddballs' I never connected with are gone from Witness. I feel the album should get a breather now.
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  20. Tsunami is heavenly and its production immerses me so much that I feel like I'm peacefully floating away in shallow waters
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