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Katy Perry - The Rate WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Ok I was not reading PJ when Bon Appetit dropped so I went to check the Witness thread and some of y'all lied because the forum was very divided on the song. The reactions start on this page:
    kii. She didn't lie.
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  2. Thank you for some sense in this community!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Bon Appétit was definitely not as well received on release as Chained, especially since it didn't fit the whole supposed ~purposeful pop~ direction Witness was meant to have. Most people did eventually go on to develop taste though.
  4. This is very on brand for me.

    It didn't happen but at least we got Daisies. I'll take it.
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  5. Bon AppeByeBye
    I'm glad my 3 helped it get no further.
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  6. Operative word being 'was'! Once the video premiered it was basically all over.

    I feel like the forum wide stanning set in a bit ironically at the beginning but then the gays starting getting wet over those propulsive synths and the song's more subtle strengths blossomed (the ad-libs, that drop, "go ahead", "uUuUnder CaNdLeLIIIIIIGHT"). Add to that the fact that it was THE gifable song of the time and this


    somehow became this


    ...and that's history!
  7. I'm still waiting for someone to post the "Bon Appétit is the best song of all time" gif. I would have but I couldn't find it nn
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  8. Bone App The Teeth is great but I wish it exploded a little bit earlier than the second half of the second chorus, which is why I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 and I think this is the right place for it to leave.
  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This was the best you had??
  10. Could you have done Bon Appebetter?
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  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Gone Appetit x
  12. Omg
  13. "Thinking of You" can leave at #9, please and thank you (which is still about 30 eliminations too late).

  14. Top 10 baby.
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  15. Agree
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  16. My ideal top 5 would consist from:
    Hot N Cold
    Teenage Dream
    The One That Got Away
    Chained to the Rhythm

    Although "Walking on Air" would very much deserve the top 5 placement, too.
  17. [​IMG]
    09. The One That Got Away
    Average: 8.81 (Up 0.55 points, down 3 places)
    Highest score: 11x4 @Ana Raquel @Mushroom @Fuchsia @Rem
    10x24 @Remorque @Cutlery @Maki @Holly Something @Lila @aux @Verandi @aaronhansome @spaceship @chasethefire @Hurricane Drunk @j267 @Serg. @unnameable @m_dimitrov @GimmeWork @Rose-Coloured Boy @blaze_dave @Remyky22 @P'NutButter @Dangerous Maknae @Espeon @Sprockrooster @Lost Boy
    Lowest score: 4x1 @Beat

    Commentary by @Ana Raquel:
    Fun fact: when it was released I actually complained it was... gasp... too uptempo and I would like it more if it was... gasp... slower. Nowadays I see the light and thankfully recognize the work of art this is with an 11. I was torn between two option actually, but I suppose the melody here won me over.

    The closer to the monumental standard Teenage Dream single run, the #1 that got away peaked at a hugely respectable number 3 (even with a hideous remix attempt to get it to the top which I... won't talk about), giving Katy a record six top tens. When people talk about Perry's unmistakable ability to create emotionally charged balladry, this is why.

    Even with that pounding drum beat and upbeat production, the heart of the song manages to shine through - and more so with the acoustic version which was eventually released, which showcases the brooding country song this really is. Undoubtedly a classic,

    Apparently the subject of the song is actually Josh Groban, but she's always had a questionable taste hasn't she... She revealed this during the historic Witness Worldwide event.

    "But I do want to say, people are like, who is 'The One That Got Away' about? That's Groban," she said, making a head-exploding motion, which, yes, describes how I felt about it. "He's one of my good friends."

  18. I did not participate because rates aren't really my bag (Madonna the one exception), but why did you exclude Con Calma, Who You Love, and Legends Never Die but fucking Starstrukk got to stick around?!
  19. People (Sora? Slaybellz? I forget) asked for 'Starstruck' 'Feels' and 'If We Ever Meet Again' because I was never going to include features. I completely forgot 'Con Calma' existed ddddd
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