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Katy Perry - The Rate WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Well shame on you as it is unquestionably her best feature.

    Also didn't Josh Groban - in as nice a way as possible - call her out for making up that The One That Got Away was about him? I'm pretty sure he said after she told James Corden that he went and listened to the song and it had nothing to do with the brief time they dated (which was when Katy was in her early 20's, not "the summer after high school").
  2. @Ana Raquel gave a ballad adjacent track her 11? What alternate reality am I in?? Amazing song though, I must say! That video was also a big moment!!
  3. I'm assuming she meant the sentiment was inspired by him being the one that got away but she clearly took liberty with the lyrics.
  4. 'The One That Got Away' was an instant favourite when Teenage Dream came out. The keys underneath the song are so gorgeous and her vocal on it is stunning.
  5. The post-chorus/bridge of 'The One That Got Away' is my favourite moment from her whole discography teebs.

    The OoOoOoONE
  6. In hindsight I should’ve given The One That Got Away a 10.
  7. I'm reading through the thread and came upon this and gasped. You of all people should know better than this slander. It was a top 10 radio hit and peaked at #14. Bomb? Sis.
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  8. The way One Of The Boys is dominating the top 10... nostalgia's a hell of a drug.
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  9. Well... at least it outlasted evil, I'll take it.

    I am someone full of surprises!!!!
  10. Or maybe those three are impeccable pop songs and they're here as they should!
  11. I mean... Isn't this basically the tagline for the Teenage Dream album?
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  12. "The One That Got Away" is not only one of Katy's best songs, but also her best music video. Deserved a top 5 placement. Amazingly unexpected 11 pick, @Ana Raquel!

    Pretty sure the next cut will be "Walking on Air", even though it won't be ideal.
  13. Waking Up in Vegas + Teenage Dream + Never Really Over would be an iconic top 3. No it's true, it's true. But then again, there's only one song I need to vacate now so I'm pretty happy with these results.
  14. The One That Got Away is lovely, but it shouldn't have got this far, tbh.
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  15. Bon Appetit haters you are so brave.
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  16. I never felt like The One That Got Away's production did the storytelling many favours, so I never consider it a fave.. BUT it's still an undeniably great pop song in her canon. And you can't not sing along to it.
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  17. N'awww.

    'Teenage Dream' is definitely her best (and I probably even prefer 'Thinking of You' too ddd) but I'm happy in my decision to give 'The One That Got Away' my 11, especially when they both beat it out anyway. I think I agreed with the concensus at the time that the drum loop may not have been the best fit but over time it's really become one of her most enduring melodies for me and brings the really benefits from the wide-eyed earnestness Katy really excels at.
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  18. I would like to be excluded from this narrative ddd. I only asked for Use Your Love.

    Also it was time The One That Got Away went. Making Thinking Of You the last standing ballad. You love to see it.
  19. The #1 That Got Away is gorgeous but this was the right place for it to go. Come through Thinking Of You!
  20. @Drew sis I needed your defense when Birthday was getting rallied against.
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