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Katy Perry - The Rate WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. 'Hot N Cold' is a little out of its depth now but everything is is really excellent.
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  2. Out of what’s left, I gave all bar one a ten.
  3. Chained to the Rhythm is the only track left that I didn't give a 10.
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  4. Walking on Air making the most out of the newfound forum appreciation for Prism, I love to see it
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  5. I was about to say that my 10 was left off but I checked and i gave it 9.5 for some slightly jarring vocal choices. I couldn't in good faith give it a 10 - though it's still amazing.
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  6. [​IMG]
    07. Waking Up in Vegas
    Average: 9.09 (Up 0.75 points, down 3 places)
    Highest score: 11x1 @happiestgirl
    10x37 @Joe. @2014 @RJF @Verandi @aux @Robsolete @Crisp X @slaybellz @Leader Beans @Rem @Sprockrooster @stuaw @livefrommelbs @blaze_dave @M24 @aboutyounow @GimmeWork @inevitable @unnameable @citoig @muddleddreams @Ana Raquel @Hurricane Drunk @tylerc904 @Laurence @chasethefire @Babyface @Blond @Seventeen Days @spaceship @Andrew.L @phily693 @Lost Boy @Guy @Cutlery @Cognitive Dissonance @Sail On
    Lowest score: 6x3 @yeRleDanaL @Aester @Jonathan27

    Commentary by @blaze_dave:
    (this showcases the best of Katy Perry. Catchy pop song that is well written and sung. The music video is the same, showing Katy's humour without being too in your face and all looks extravagant!)

    FYI - Blaze changed their 11 from 'Waking Up in Vegas' to something else before the votes began. This would not have changed the position at all.

    Whilst it may be another song to slip out of the top five, our first song to break the 9 point average is the storming fourth and final single from her debut album, leaving just one song remaining from each album except for Teenage Dream, which holds two. Arguably the first taste of the storytelling ways of Perry's lyricism, the story details what is basically a rom-com movie set in Vegas, and clearly remains one of the pinnacles of her discography so far. Why? Perhaps because of how well it balances that debut grit alongside the ultra polish she would soon embrace.

    Quite a success after the mild failure of 'Thinking of You' success wise, the song tickled the top ten around the world and undoubtedly set her up for the future success of her sophomore. It also featured one of her best music videos, a feat she doesn't get nearly enough credit for, with a big budget dedication to Presley and the strip.

  7. Waking Up in Vegas not top 5 is ... a mess.
  8. Truly love 'Waking Up In Vegas' but it isn't better than 'Thinking Of You'. It just isn't.
  9. RJF


    “Hot N Cold” is trash.
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  10. Waking Up With Grammys should have been top 3.
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  11. What the hell

    Disappointed that it didn't reach the top 5 (disappointed that my avg isn't a 10 either but I had to save Walking on Air sorry) because it's highkey her best bop ever. This Isn't How We Do wishes !
  12. Walking on Air is cute but it's not really worthy of top 6. The other 5 devour it.
  13. I enjoy "Waking Up in Vegas" (8), but it's my least favourite out of the remaining songs. "Hot N Cold" being the winning track of "One of the Boys" makes sense and is quite deserving, as it's in my top 3 from that album.

    "Walking on Air" is doing surprisingly well.
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  14. "Waking Up in Vegas" ranking lower than fucking "Walking on Air"...

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  15. Same teebs.
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  16. Not only did I not give 'Waking Up in Vegas' the 9.5 I thought I had but I actually gave it an 8.5

  18. Also, I always loved the track but it's got a special place in my heart for the completely out of nowhere moment where my Dad (who exclusively listens to white guys in their 60s) started waxing lyrical about how great it was and "calling it the song that put her on the map" when he was drunk a couple of years ago.


    And he was right!
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  19. I think its like... a nine in memory but then you put it on and its like

    This is GREAT
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  20. Also, the video is one of the best thing she's ever done. The budget.

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