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Katy Perry - The Rate WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. The glow up for Prism though. We love to see it.

    Well, we love to see everything apart from Choose Your Battles being the only song on the entire album to do worse this time around (despite being in the top half of the album) when something like International Shart managed to gain over a whole damn point.
  2. NOT me being so confident my 11 would do well that I only just sent my commentary for it now nn.
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  3. Walking On Air really is her greatest song. I weep.
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  4. Hot N Cold is the only song I didn’t give a 10/my 11 to, it’s been fighting for a while now.
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  5. Wig at this artwork. Now I want every album that has been rated by PJ in this format.
  6. So pleased Popjustice has taste. 'Walking On Air' not being a huge single still pains me.
  7. A moment!
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  8. Hmm, don't like the Hot n Cold revisionism all the sudden, it's my only 10 left.

    E.T. | 8.75
    Never really Over | 8.75
    Chained to the Rhythm | 9
    Teenage Dream | 9.25
    Hot n Cold | 10

    So they are still all great songs, but I was extremely stingy with 10s only giving to song I wanted to win.
  9. 8x2

    Not really an ideal top 5 when I started out with sixteen 10s. But it could be worse I suppose.
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  10. ...

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  11. I feel like ET and Hot n Cold are slightly out of their depth. Should've been Waking Up In Vegas and Thinking of You in the top 5.
  12. Chained to the Rhythm should be the next to go.

    I’ve never liked the song as much as this forum does.
  13. I agree!!!
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  14. The remaining songs are all 10s to me, but Teenage Dream, ET and Never Really Over should be the top 3.
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  15. Hot N' Cold making Top 5 over...the rest of the top ten songs... something stinks!
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  16. You can't argue with 80 voters girls!
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  17. Yes I can.
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  18. Okay Trump ddd
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  19. WAIT ddd. I should have seen that coming.
  20. My 7.5 for ET may have been a bit harsh, but everything else is a 10 for me, so it can leave next, please.
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