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Katy Perry - The Rate WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Lost Boy, Sep 14, 2020.

  1. Hot N Cold is my lowest score left by a decent margin.
  2. Teenage Dream, E.T and Never Really Over for top 3 please.
  3. Chained is not on the same level of the other four for me teebs. That and Hot N Cold can leave the Top 3 alone!
  4. Yeah these two are the ones I don't think belong in the Top 3.
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  5. I cant quite believe 'Chained...' snuck its way into the top five with like... nobody calling for its head. What a bloody song.
  6. Yeah it was never in contention for my 11 but I wouldn't mind Chained to the Rhythm winning. It feels like the perfect evolution to her sound up to that point and still feels distinct within her discography.
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  7. I'm not the biggest fan of 'Chained' but it is worthy of it's place. I have the trippy lithograph (with the single cover on it) from her store in my spare room somewhere.
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  9. I've given 4 10's and 1 11 to the Top 5...

    You could say I've won whatever gets there,
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  10. Whew, "Walking on Air" (9) is excellent and its performance here really surpassed my expectations, as I thought it wouldn't even reach top 10. But when a song incorporates that early 90's house beat so well and is a complete bop, no wonder it's so loved. Majority of "Chromatica" wishes.
    It's definitely in my "PRISM" trinity, along with "Dark Horse" and "Legendary Lovers" and I'm glad the forum agreed with that (in a different order). Also, the middle-8 of "Walking on Air" is astounding. Should've been a proper single and I could've bumped its score a bit.

    Oh, and I better write some commentary for my 11.
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  11. Teenage Dream will win, but Never Really Over or Chained should. And that’s tea.
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  12. @Lost Boy you could've put 'Utopia' in the thread title to confuse us a bit.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    E.T. is ew but I'm absolutely here for anything else from this top 5 winning!!
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  14. Yah.
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  15. I reckon a Teenage Dream v Never Really Over finale would be all kinds of iconic
  16. Never Really Over is great but Teenage Dream is a once in a lifetime, lightning in a bottle moment of pop alchemy. There is simply no other option.
  17. E.T. is such a banger and I'm glad it's still here. When Katy sings "This is transcendental" I have to put my hands on the top of my head to keep my wig intact but yet it's still yanked off by the time she sings "For you I'd risk it all" and that last chorus drops.
  18. The way this has been on constant rotation since the elimination.
  19. I can literally listen to that bloody remix on repeat for hours it’s just so soothing to the soul

    Anyway Never Really Over HAS to win!

    My predictions though is

    3/2.Hot n Cold
    3/2.Never Really Over
    1.Teenage Dream

    I think nostalgia is going to play a big part here but I would love NRO or Chained to pull through underdog top 2! Never going to happen.
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  20. [​IMG]
    05. Hot N Cold
    Average: 9.27 (Up 0.80 points, down 2 places)
    Highest score: 11x3 @2014 @saviodxl @Aester
    10x41 @DJHazey @M24 @m_dimitrov @unnameable @ABoy’sGot2Suffer4Fashion @Conan @citoig @Serg. @Ana Raquel @Rogue @Hurricane Drunk @myblood @Laurence @ @GimmeWork @inevitable @BubblegumBoy @AllGagaLike @yeRleDanaL @livefrommelbs @Espeon @eatyourself @Lost Boy @Blond @Seventeen Days @stuaw @An Insider @Andrew.L @aaronhansome @phily693 @Verandi @Robsolete @Milotic @Fuchsia @soratami @Holly Something @ohnostalgia @Leader Beans @happiestgirl @Guy @Cutlery @Remorque
    Lowest score: 6x2 @BeingNormal @RJF

    Commentary by @saviodxl:
    This is the single that showed the harsh press she was no one hit wonder and that she came to stay. And damn, I love when artists prove the mean tabloids wrong. And Katy did it with a frenetic dance-pop track with an earworm chorus and an amazing video. And yeah, some boys change their minds like a girl changes clothes!

    In any other rate, having the third highest amount of tens might guarantee a top three finish. As it is, 'Hot N Cold' slips out of the previous top three but with a tremendous score boost, taking the debut with it.

    As any Perry fan will be able to tell you, 'Hot N Cold' was the one that set out to prove that 'I Kissed a Girl' was no fluke. Her self-proclaimed ace card, it smashed around the globe and went on to sell almost 6 million copies in the US. Markedly everything she's gone of the embrace in her music, 'Hot N Cold' is... everything Katy Perry is about. Metaphors, cheek and whopping great choruses.

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