Katy Perry - Witness

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So outside the 3 initial singles, it's basically just a standard Katy Perry album. Which isn't a bad thing I suppose, but I was hoping for a little more evolution.
My thoughts on this will likely change hourly but right now I think Roulette for single #4 and Power for #5.

I think she has a lot of single options, its just this time around nothing is a slam dunk. I can see on paper how she and Capitol might think their best bets are Hey Hey Hey and Roulette and Miss You More, because they're the ones most obviously made with radio in mind. And in 2011 Roulette would have been a radio smash. But if the public- and thus radio- aren't responding to Bon Appetit and Swish Swish then it seems futile to continue on that route. So maybe going with the less radio friendly songs would be the right move, that way if they don't take they at least have the excuse of being slightly left field.

Witness, Roulette, Deja Vu, Miss You More, Power, Pendulum, and even probably Bigger Than Me and (God forbid) Hey Hey Hey are all decent enough single choices. Its not like nothing here sounds like a single. There's just nothing painstakingly obvious like Roar or Birthday or Walking On Air. Which all of you wanted and now are complaining about, but thats another story.
I can't believe Purity Ring produced Bigger Than Me. It sounds like a cheap Eurovision song, and not even in that enjoyable guilty pleasure boppy kinda way.
I'm not really sure what to make of this to be honest. I didn't hate it but nothing really stands out much.
It scares me that trash like Swish Swish and Bon Appetit felt like standouts on first listen.
Chained To The Rhythm remains the best thing on here, effortlessly! Though I liked the slower tracks too.
Pendulum is a bit of a Roar clone, right? Pity the chorus is shite, it could've been great otherwise.
I only have to listen to the bonus two tracks yet.
A few days later, I'll post a review of the album (have to listen to it more times).

Talent wins again!

Britney Jean being the previous record holder though.
This albums really lukewarm for me. Not bad by any means but a bit pedestrian to say she waited so long to churn it out. My trinity on first listen are Pendulum, Roulette and Tsunami.
At the moment I only see Déjà Vu and Pendulum as potential singles. Roulette is the best track, but after Bon & Swish flopping I think she should go for something more in line with Chained.

Anyway, for those who are interested, I posted a revised Witness tracklist.
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