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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Talent wins again!
  2. Britney Jean being the previous record holder though.
  3. She's checking those itunes charts kii.
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  4. So you're telling me Bruce Jenner was the previous record holder
  5. Probably Ngoc.
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  6. This albums really lukewarm for me. Not bad by any means but a bit pedestrian to say she waited so long to churn it out. My trinity on first listen are Pendulum, Roulette and Tsunami.
  7. Keep coming back to Roulette and Tsunami the most. Those would be my choices for the next two singles in that order.
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  8. What?
  9. At the moment I only see Déjà Vu and Pendulum as potential singles. Roulette is the best track, but after Bon & Swish flopping I think she should go for something more in line with Chained.

    Anyway, for those who are interested, I posted a revised Witness tracklist.
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  10. The album is disappointing for me. The production is interesting and has real potential, but the melodies and hooks aren't there to back it up.

    Also, I feel like the lyrics/way she sings them are really off and clunky throughout the album.
    Bar the singles she's released, everything else feels pretty middle of the road. It's like she's tried to do "woke" pop but played it fairly safe so as to not alienate/make people have to think too much, so the end result feels very watered down and lukewarm.

    That said, I like Miss You More, Witness and Bigger Than Me. And the singles have all really grown on me too.
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  12. Bon Appetit still knocks
  13. There's something very... surreal about this live stream thing. It's a bit jarring seeing a pop star so up close & personal like this.
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  14. Someone @ me at 1PM PDT when Chris Appleton comes to do her hair, because I love that man.
  15. Can't wait until face to face nominations.
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  16. Sia's visiting today.

    I wanna be at this damn house.
  17. RJF


    Was this the best promo she could get?
  18. I honestly don't see something as good promo if only her fans who will already have the album are going to tune in.
  19. And still nobody will let it in.
  20. You came back for this?!
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