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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. anyone that’s a fan of Prism needs to find the instrumentals because they are divine.
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  2. I liked that Prism Acoustic album that CCMC made. The amount of effort... when will the other stans?
  3. Ian Kirkpatrick (Co-wrote & produced New Rules, Bad Liar, Britney's Hard to Forget Ya/If I'm Dancing, etc.) posted a picture with Nugget on Snapchat so she may or may not have been in the studio earlier.

  4. NOT Nugget's story arc from Witness Worldwide Live having more impact and sustaining power than the actual album itself.
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  5. Everyone stans Nugget, I expect a song featuring Nugget on her next outing.
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  6. She has P O W E R already.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if Katy were in the studio. Didn't someone from Capitol already say they had a plan in place moving forward? Plus she's now on hiatus from the tour to do Idol. It would make sense that they'd want something out by finale time. She's also been stanning Dua a lot on instagram, so working with the producer of New Rules also makes sense.
  8. I've been listening to Teenage Dream (the song) a lot recently. What a stunner.
  9. Walking On Air is Katy's best song hen.
  10. She's coming.
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  11. Tell it. Her downfall started when she chose not to release it as a single. This is dramatic I know but Walking on Air is still that bop
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  12. What a tune, been humming it all day at work lol.
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  13. Walking On Air & Legendary Lovers are wasted on a album like PRISM.
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  14. Not really. Roar, Dark Horse, Unconditionally, and Love Me are great too.
  15. Hmm...
  16. According to this interview she's going to go into the studio with Steve Mac soon.

  17. Well...
  18. Interesting. It makes sense that she's looking at who's producing the biggest songs on radio and calling them up, after having an album that didn't resonate with radio programmers. I'm curious to see what the game plan is though. Just write and record enough songs that she can choose a good one off single by the end of Idol? Or recording an entire new album for the end of the year?
  19. Kpop queen.

    only western artist*
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  20. 10 minutes? That's too long. Flop.
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