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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Gaga played to 51,684 at Seoul Olympic Stadium on the Born This Way Ball.

    It's still impressive but... it's not true.
  2. That's actually a little surprising since her (and Gaga) are kinda irrelevant there these days. At least Gaga got it in when she was huge there. How odd if those figures are true. Though maybe it's her first time visiting the country.
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  3. I need the American Idol foolishness to flop and be finished with so I can get concrete news about the tour bluray release.
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  5. The best thing Katy Perry has ever done is that live stream dinner party where everyone pretended to be friends with each other and a young girl got ignored by almost everyone in the room.

  6. A Platinum, Gold and Silver certification for the 3 singles wasn't too bad in the end.

  7. Been a year now since the video was out and I think 'Chained' is still her best lead single to date. The video ticks all the boxes with relevant social commentary especially for the current state of things in the US. A shame about the shambolic campaign afterwards and the meh response to the album.
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  8. The way the Chained video perfectly balances typically kitschy colorful Katy Perry visuals with the underlying feeling of unease is masterful. One of her best videos for sure.
  9. Yes looking back and Chained really was a special moment for her. I think I took it for granted at the time but now can only dream of an album and era in that vein.
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  10. Watching the Witness era unfold like

  11. Chained to the Rhythm is the one and only song that fully accomplished what Katy claimed to set out to do on Witness. It's a brilliant song which wasn't too on the nose but still had the impact it needed, I really do enjoy it.
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  12. ‘Chained...’ was such a pop girl event. The song, the music video, the performances!
  13. I loved Chained to the Rhythm!!!!! Then the rest of the album seemed like an insecure, identity crisis. I hope Katy bops back like the queen we know she can be.
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  14. Witness
    Mind Maze
    Miss You More
    Chained to the Rhtym
    Bon Appetit
    Act My Age
    Bigger Than Me

    would be a perfect 12 track record. I'd like her to focus more on the cutting the fat next time other than to control the very literal part of her humor. I think she had the right idea and executed it well to a certain degree. I'm really looking forward to what is next which never happened after Prism, so i can say Witness era remains a huge plus to me other than the videos for Swish Swish and Hey Hey Hey.
  15. Honestly, "Witness" is my favorite album of hers.
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  16. Chained was great for a week. Bon Appetit though, still bops.
  17. 2014

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    I can't believe the videos for Chained and Bon were in the same era as the one for Swish......it's weird how she lost control of this album.
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  18. The lyrics to Bon Appetite weird me out. I'm sorry I can't help it.
  19. At least we also got a handful of iconic performances.

    (The 'Chained...' Grammys performance isn't on Youtube.)

    I'm still so gagged that she had the balls to pull out the skeletron Theresa May & Trump.
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  20. I feel like she probably just thought "if all else fails be funny and self deprecating", not realizing that people are ready for her to move past that. The Swish Swish and Hey Hey Hey videos sum up to me everything thats not working about Katy right now.

    Chained and Bon are both career highlights though. I understand why Bon Appetit didn't find a life on radio, but I also wish it hadn't been written off immediately like it was. What a fun song.
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