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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Im a little surprised that why this album hasn't received any certification in US?
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  2. Having a Katy filled start to the year and just visited this thread to say that ‘Bigger Than Me’ is one of her best songs. Along with ‘Chained’.

    (Also, justice for ‘Unconditionally’ which should have been #1.)
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  3. That song is only worthy for bringing @UncleDeSeanAli to us.
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  4. Yes to all points here.
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  5. I've always liked Unconditionally a lot but was surprised to see its my 4th most listened to Katy song - I didn't think I liked it quite that much. Its also in her top 10 most listened to on Spotify which on one hand didn't surprise me at all - I've always said it was a much bigger hit than people act like it was - but on the other hand I was a little surprised it was up there over ET, Teenage Dream, and Hot N Cold.
  6. 'Unconditionally' is absolutely magnificent - but it's a slow burn. I genuinely didn't realise how much I loved it until like a year-and-a-half after it had come out. Now it's definitely in my top 10 Katy tracks.
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  7. I really like the video.
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  8. This isn’t even the PRISM thread. damn, poor Witness!
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  9. Uncle De Shawn is a gorgeous song.
  10. How did Cozy Little Christmas manage to chart so high on the Hot 100 without it being available on any streaming platform / YouTube? Pretty sure it barely did anything on radio....I don't even know if it was released on iTunes?
  11. AC radio airplay and Amazon's streaming service.
  12. Wow they must've hammered it on AC and something smells fishy about it being solely available on Amazon / getting so many streams.
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  13. The only time I've heard it was on my aunt's Alexa so I imagine a good amount of streams comes from people simply asking it to play Christmas music.
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  14. It was #1 on AC radio and it was a Christmas song available on probably the biggest holiday gift shopping destination in the world. How it reached #53 is hardly the mystery of the year.
  15. Not really sure why you always seem to pop out of the woodwork on my posts with a rude comment, but gee thanks for solving that mystery for me Nancy Drew
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  16. You're very welcome sis.
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  17. This was its full stats for the week:
    2.436m AI
    400 sales
    16,014,000 streams

    All of its streams come from Amazon, which is a premium service, which likely helped.
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  18. Chained is her best work.
  19. Still no news about a bluray of the tour?
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  20. Oh my god I can finally rewatch this mess and this account has other chunks from the live stream. Yath!
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