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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Am I the only one who thinks this gap year should be used to re-release Witness: Reloaded?


    1. 365 (feat. Zedd)
    2. Roulette (New Single Mix)
    3. Bon Appetit (MUNA Remix)
    4. Chained to the Rhythm (Hot Chip Remix)
    5. Swish Swish (Cheat Codes Remix)
    6. Witness
    7. Deja Vu
    8. Bigger Than Me
    9. Hey Hey Hey
    10. Passenger
    11. Immortal Flame
    12. Waving Through a Window
    13. Act My Age (New Single Mix)
    14. Feels (Solo Version)
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  2. I think so
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  3. Why are old songs on it?
    Release new songs that we haven't heard.
  4. Album nobody bought
    New song nobody bought

  5. Okay but I actually do want this
  6. Maybe a maxi single?
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  7. EMOTION Side B+ [Japan Version]
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  8. bUt JaPaN iS CaRLy’S bEsT mArKeT!!!1
  9. Unconditionally is her best video. I love the song when I watch the video, but it falls a bit flat without it.
  10. The production on Unconditionally is fantastic. That and Spiritual are really the only songs on Prism that capture the iridescent, airy vibe of the cover.
  11. 'Passenger' but no 'Tsunami'?!

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  12. and Love Me.
  13. I love the artwork and images for "Prism". It's basic but it works well.
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  14. While I think Witness deserves every shit it gets I think Prism is underrated. It’s obviously not one of the best albums ever, but it is a nice collection and songs like This Moment and Love Me May not ooze personality but I always feel they are ignored just because they are Katy. They fit quite well in the pop landscape of that time. I heard worse on albums that are hyped here all the time.
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  15. I've always loved Prism. Love Me, Ghost, Spiritual, Walking On Air and Legendary Lovers are some of my favorite Katy songs ever.
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  16. The SNL Walking on Air performance is a career highlight for Katy teebs
  17. “Witness” blows “Prism”’s beige ass outta the water.
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  18. Since this thread is back, I'd just like to say that Roulette is still that late-night driving jam.
  19. Roulette is better than anything on Prism (with maybe the exception of Walking On Air... but then again I enjoy a trashy 90s style banger).
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  20. Witness has some great highs but the lows are very low. Prism on the other hand is much more consistently good and thus a better album.
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