Katy Perry - Witness

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Some of his takes seriously are choices (e.g. reducing Chained to the Rythm to being a basic FU to her fans, because it were solely about pop music and its fans being mindless?). Why not make it an essay on the misogyny of a public's obsession with women needing to have long hair to enjoy success?
I’m still in the process of reading this thread from beginning to end and what a rollercoaster it is. Highlight is @BreatheBox offering nudes for a leak and some random from ATRL commenting “something had to go platinum” after Katy dyed her hair platinum blonde.

You had some iconic posts as well of course!
This thread IS a ride and half.

I also had an “argument” with a PJ fave here ALAKSFKF. I’m sure you’ll get to it soon.

But I’ll never forget my first in the Pet Shop Boys thread when I said Minimal was trash. I was a young whore back then and I just didn’t know better. I don’t hate Minimal anymore but I still love Witness.
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