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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Should've played the instrumental.
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  2. They didn't even call it S&M they called it 'Come On' LMAO. The only radio station in England to do so.
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  3. This depresses me.
  4. They're the only station to change last year's 'Sexual' to 'Sensual' too. Prudes.

    They literally play a song that says 'you cheap lousy faggot' repeatedly, every single year, yet a woman getting a bit of innuendo'd D has to be censored.
  5. 50 39 KATY PERRY Bon Appetit f/Migos 1266 614 652 5.539
    +37 spins
    -110 bullet
    -0.435 audience

    #108 on Spotify US
    #121 on iTunes US
    #451 on Youtube
  6. Let's not forget the third single off Circus, 'Amy'.
  7. I love philosophy
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  8. RJF


    So she's lost nearly a million in audience in two days? Never would I have thought a Katy Perry single would be radio kryptonite.
  9. I still wish that "Bon Appétit" featured Ariana Grande, just so that we could've gotten a video similar to Shakira and Rihanna's "Can't Remember To Forget You."
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  10. I'd say a steamy video like Side to Side would have been even better!
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  11. This. This post is everything.
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  12. I much prefer the solo version of Bon Appetit to the one with Migos. She should have released that one instead.
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  13. Tbh I don't think there's a popgirl song with a rap feature I don't with wasn't there so I'm over it
  14. [​IMG]

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  15. Sorry to bring this up now but I totally missed it when it was "fresh": did Katy react to the negative media coverage with some kind of apology? Or did she just completely ignore it like she does nowadays? Did people think she deliberately wanted to shade Britney or was it just another pretty bad joke without any deeper intentions?

  16. Fucking hell not this again.

    They're probably pulling it, no?
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  17. I doubt her team would pull it. Even if they're going to move on quicker than they originally anticipated, they'd still want some radio play to keep the song alive at least until the video drops. I think it's more radio reacting to the iTunes and Spotify positions.
  18. Where's the payola? Shove it down our throats!
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  19. I don't care about the charts, I just wanted to hear this on the radio.
  20. What's up all these statements posed as questions in this thread lately?

    If you're so concerned about Katy apologizing for a sarcastic joke about Britney Spears, I dunno, Google it. This all seems like concern-trolling to me.
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