Katy Perry - Witness

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A damn mess.

Reminds me of
I just watched the video for the first time and it's a mixed bag. Aesthetic wise it's as impressively shot as most of her videos (it's a medium she's always excelled in) but it has the same issue "Chained..." did where the premise and execution are still very Fischer Price's My First Protest Rally where the message is displayed, but done in a way that doesn't really hold her accountable to that much of a stance.

I think the most impressive part of the video was the fine line it balanced between sensual and grotesque, which I would argue was where most of the video's power comes from also instead of the rather hackneyed ending.

This thread continues to be an absolute mess.
I think she's purposefully gotten the online gays / stans on the edge of their seats (this thread...) and a week or two of high-exposure promo should be more than enough to let her broader audience know she's back with an album considering her name recognition. A release this Friday or next would make sense. Or at least I fucking hope so as I need to know already if my stanning this era will have been worth it.

Are they really on the "edge of their seats" though, this era just seems to be one mess after another. There has been nothing to warrant holding out any hope for the album.
"Each ticket purchase for WITNESS: The Tour also includes a copy of her album, Witness."


From the AXS site, pretty much a tour confirmation
I'm getting trauma flashbacks to the MDNA era.

I like the Bon Appetit video. I think it pulls off some of what Gaga was maybe aiming for in the DWUW video (blurring the lines between sensuality and the grotesque, exploitation of women etc.) except minus the rapist and trying to dive-bomb her own career.
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