Katy Perry - Witness

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Mess at them not making this announcement with this art direction and Witness two months after Chained. Now Bon Appétit will forever be the shit stain in Katy's discography.

Although we have to thank it because it made Thinking Of You not being her worst performing single anymore.
I think Bon Appetit is dogshit, but Witness sounds great. It doesn't sound like a single at all, but it's so different from she's done before. I want the whole thing.
I love the cover, but it really is a very messy start to a campaign from a team that usually gets everything so right.

Glad about the album/ticket thing though. If they count, that should give a pretty healthy boost to first week sales.
I'm not a major fan by any means, but Chained to the Rhythm ignited my interest given the Sia-connection, and I think Bon Appetit is one of her best. What's wrong with me? It feels less primitive than some of her previous singles, in fact it almost reminds me of a Xenomania production in terms of its structure.

The album/ticket tie in is a good thing. I wonder are they nervous after the general public not exactly "eating up" Bon Appetite?
The press write-ups about the Prism listening party are still such a kii. Everyone was acting like Unconditionally was the second coming and International Smile was the greatest Katy song ever written.

Meanwhile, we end up getting the un-seasoned oatmeal album that was Prism.

Based on Chained and Bon Appetit alone, I have much higher hopes for Witness.
I have always been a KP fan, not a superfan but enough of a fan to have bought her albums and been to see her live. I have always liked her music and thought her tours/visuals are some of the best in music. "Chained" was a grower for me but the video sold it and I'd say it is my favourite KP video. I say all this to provide context to what I am about to say; what has happened to her? Is it just me or is "Bon Appetit" a really poor showing? The song is weak and sanitised and the video strange. I have never not anticipated a new KP album and I feel disappointed. Does anyone else feel similar?

I am new to this thread so perhaps this has already been discussed in depth. Apologies if so
The imagery is gorgeous - I'm always here for Nagel references.

I don't know her.


Fucking love Nagel.
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