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Katy Perry - Witness

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Fallen Angel, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. Why do I keep hearing "I was a shit, floating aimlessly"? This is why enunciation is important.
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  2. The title track kinda sets the scene for something that the rest of the album fails to fulfill, unfortunately.
  3. Witness - 10
    Hey Hey Hey - 8
    Roulette - 9
    Swish Swish - 10
    Deja Vu - 8
    Power - 5
    Mind Maze - 7
    Miss You More - 10
    Chained To The Rhythm - 10
    Tsunami - 8
    Bon Appetit - 10
    Bigger Than Me - 9
    Save As Draft - 8
    Pendulum - 10
    Into Me You See - 9
  4. She'll struggle to sell extra arena tickets off the back of this – I'm just really surprised how few obvious single choices there are on here. It's a decent record in places but it'll have a very short lifespan.
  5. I have only listened to Power too. Hopefully its a grower.....
  6. Witness, Tsunami and Miss You More and the ones so far outside of the singles. Honorable mention to Bigger Than Me for being a little bit of a woke bop.
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  7. Roulette or Witness as next single, Miss You More in autumn. It's not an inherently bad album, just very few potential singles, and could be trimmed to an 11/12 track easily.
  8. Some of this is really good, and some of this is really trash. At least she's consistent.

    'Chained to the Rhythm' actually pops off based on it's track position. Who knew? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  9. Roulette/Miss You More/Tsunami are doing it for me right now!!
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  10. Wigless, Power, Swish Swish, Roulette, Miss You More and Deja Vu are bops
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  11. Long day at work today and this shall be gracing my eardrums throughout. I'll check in with you lovely folk later.
  12. Roulette is amazing.
  13. I CANNOT see an expected "Katy Perry arena tour" built off the back of this album. She's going to need to do every bop above a 5 from Prism, and all of Teenage Dream to keep the thing sailing.

    Every filler track from Witness is a mid-tempo. It feels like she's constantly stuck in a vat of molasses from Swish Swish to Chained...
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  14. I'm bopping. Definitely a step forward from Prism. Roulette HAS to be a single.
  15. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Miss You More has a lovely chorus.
  16. Whoever said that Roulette sounds like something off of The Fame was right because the intro sounds like I Like it Rough.
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  17. This record is the perfect example of most albums should only be 10 tracks. They could have easily shaved off 5 tracks from this. Overall, the album is very middle of the road. Witness, Roulette, Deja Vu, Tsunami and Pendulum are the only songs that caught my ear.
  18. So someone remind me why everyone was excited to get to 'Pendulum'?
  19. Shit's all on the floor just like an ocean teas.
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  20. First listen...the good thing about this album is that I don't hear any specific reference points they were going for. Everything feels original

    Yes: Witness, Roulette (the production is the saving grace), Swish Swish, Power, Mind Maze, Chained to the Rhythm, Tsunami, Bon Appetit, Bigger Than Me, Pendulum (the choir really works)
    Could Go Either Way: Save As Draft
    No: Hey Hey Hey (I feel like this should've been left as filler on a Demi album), Deja Vu, Miss You More, Into Me You See

    10.5/15 = 70% which would be a D
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