Katy Perry - "Woman’s World" + 143 (Sep 20)

I'm also still pissed the Witness tour was never released despite it being filmed.

I just calmed down over those snippets and you went and reminded me of this

Nirvana sounds good, definitely the best of the 3 to these ears, but none of these are particularly exciting. Gimme Gimme sounds like Dark Horse mixed with Side to Side but not quite as good as either, and I'm His He's Mine is just kinda meh?
I recently became reobsessed with Never Really Over which I’ve always loved and it just makes all these new snippets we’re hearing sound even worse in comparison.

Nirvana sounds like it might be good in a full HQ version but if these 4 songs we’ve heard bits of (including Woman’s World) are supposed to be what’s getting us excited to listen to the album, my expectations are not high.
“Never Really Over” is a career best.
Everything about “365” was good except for her vocal approach (she sounds bored), and “When I’m Gone” is just fine, but the melody isn’t anything special.

She’s giving rock chick vibrato paired with TD/Prism melodies in “Woman’s World” and “Nirvana” (Katy at her best). Prayers the latter is a Max collab.

I think “Gimme Gimme” sounds cute and catchy (put it in the “Harley’s” and “Dark Horse” bin). I didn’t like the His/Mine/Hers whatever clip at all…it sounds like a lazy attempt at re-creating “Swish” and the sample is so played out.

Also yes, “Power” was a highlight, and from what I remember, the demo was even better.
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I don't love any of the clips. Of all the pop girls she's somehow the one I still have yet to see live so I'll probably get to that on this tour and hope it covers her entire discography.
For me, the ranking would be something like this:

1. 143
2. One of the Boys
3. Smile
4. Prism
5. Witness
6. Teenage Dream (because it's a painting, it didn't need to be a painting - a photoshoot in that vein could've been easily done)