Katy Perry - "Woman’s World" + 143 (Sep 20)

I don't know it's a matter of my personal taste. I don't like when the album covers don't feature the artist physically.
Well technically she is there physically. If you didn't know it was a painting you'd never really know the difference, it's a stunning cover either way. Especially compared to the Prism cover where you can hardly see her or whatever the hell Witness was supposed to be.
Listen, I don't know about anyone else, but paintings really can serve as beautiful, meaningful album covers!
he / him
This one... is fine. I actually think it could probably do more. It feels a bit too busy to be clean and simple but also not enough to tip into maximalist.

I certainly don't think this is perfect but it made me think of your post here.

There's something about the weighting 'behind' the portal which is a bit too clean.
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