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I doubt Ke$ha would get 8 albums out if that was true, even if she wouldn't be released from her contract. Like someone else said, it'd essentially become some sort of Jojo situation, except I feel like Ke$ha would knowingly put herself into it.

Her albums are good, her vocals are good, her songwriting is good... the only thing that might need to change are her visuals (the glittery mess needs to go, but the otherwise "alt" style can stay) and maybe a little less obvious Dr. Luke sound. Something like Deconstructed, but with just a bit more oomph to it.


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I was just about to post that! But my source is my ex boyfriend. He's friends with someone on her glam squad.

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I'm not surprised. When I saw her back in August, she basically told the crowd that she made a lot of concessions during the recording of Warrior and she lost a lot of love and respect for herself and was trying to find it again.

I met her that night too and just told her I love her and that she inspires a lot of people. I wish her nothing but a full recovery and a lifetime of happiness, she's such a good hearted, lovely person.

Hollywood is horrible on women when it comes to body image and the assholes on social media calling her John Travolta and saying she's the shape of a refrigerator/cereal box are now the ones going "omg i hope she's okay" need to literally f off.
That John Travolta shit was so disgusting and ludicrous. I'm glad she's taking care of herself and hope she finds this to be a completely positive and healing experience.
I'm surprised and not surprised. On the one hand she's always been this strangely powerful feminist force in pop music, but at the same time when the world decides to make you its punching bag, calling you filthy, fat, and stupid for most of the day and being constantly inundated in that sort of hatred I guess it's inevitable that you would eventually develop self image problems. Whatever happens I know she'll be okay. She's just too smart and strong to let something like an eating disorder finish her off.


I think it was possible somewhat to see coming. I think she admitted that dealing with fame and negativity pushed her into a dark place and I think she implied she was suicidal once.


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That doesn't exactly make me happy. I really don't like to hear about these kind of things happening, especially to people like Ke$ha. She's someone I really admire, and have a tremendous respect for. I just hope she's okay and that she gets to a place of peace.