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I just read all this stuff about Dr. Luke recently and now people are blaming him for Kesha's eating disorder and I just think its sad. After all the hits they made in the past and working with each other for a such a long time, I didn't think their relationship would end up like this.


Not to say it's good she has an eating disorder, but all the stuff going on really puts Dirty Love in a new context for me as a proper guerrilla project on her end. Even if it's not a intended statement, her showing off her figure like never before and to a song in the sound she originally wanted for her album, on top of releasing it right before entering rehab for help, feels like a strong moment for her as a artist. I think she's ready to show who she is as a person and artist when she gets out and gets her self and mind right again.

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I love Ke$ha, and I want her to get better, and I want her to have a successful career doing the music she loves making.

But this Free Ke$ha nonsense is driving me up the wall. Especially because her own mother is in on it - it's just so annoying to see it everywhere. Surely we at Popjustice aren't the only ones who are aware of the fact that fans are signing a fan-made petition won't do shit? Ke$ha's already spoken about it existing, so she knows it's out there, but why would Dr. Luke release her from her contract just because her fans want her out of it? It's going to come down to whether or not she makes money for the label/the man himself, and if she doesn't, she'll be released. Even then, though, it doesn't necessarily mean she'll get picked up by someone else.

That being said, I don't enjoy Dr. Luke's supposed personality and him calling Ke$ha a fridge is ridiculous on so many levels. I hope she's alright, it takes a lot of strength to admit to having a problem and then dealing with it head-on without the bullshit surrounding it.
'Insulting'/making fun of someone you know may be hurtful, but it doesn't lead into illnesses. I wish Ke$ha's fans would stop blaming Dr. Luke for everything.

By the way, Pebe's Twitter account is a mess.
I guess I should've re-worded my post. What I meant to say is that you can't blame all of this on ONE mean joke.
Well yeah but what that one mean joke implies is that it wasn't just one mean joke.

Aaaanyway this is all very sad. There's no other popstar I want to 'root for' quite like I do with Ke$ha so seeing such a personal knockdown for her really sucks.
'Insulting'/making fun of someone you know may be hurtful, but it doesn't lead into illnesses.

You're frigging kidding me right? She has thousands of people and blogs calling her awful, horrible demeaning names simply because she has an odd body shape and isn't rail thing and speaks out against the objectification of women in the media in interviews and on twitter.

Clearly these outright blatant attacks and name calling, combined with the shady contract Dr. Like imposed on her years ago and his mind game BS he played during the Warrior sessions has taken a huge effect on her mentally. I saw her back in August and she had referenced at the concert that during the making of Warrior she made a lot of concessions to make her label happy and that she lost a lot of love and respect for herself and she was trying to find it again.

It's clear the industry has torn her down over the last two years.
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Blaming it on the industry, yes, but singling out Dr. Luke as being the main or sole reason for her eating disorder.....come on.

He operates within the industry and uses their values so yes, he's part of the problem but he isn't the problem.

I find it a little bit disgusting that her mom would try to implicate Dr. Luke as the reason for her eating disorder.
That shit ain't right.
What a shame! I do love Ke$ha and the music she's made, especially Warrior (never saw the problem with the album) - and Timber is giving me life. Hope she eventually lands on her feet (personally and professionally).
I find it a little bit disgusting that her mom would try to implicate Dr. Luke as the reason for her eating disorder.
That shit ain't right.

Me too. I feel like Pebe's just trying to fuel hardcore fan's hatred towards Dr. Luke just so "FREE KE$HA" materializes somehow.
Liking the Rob Zombie lens' Sheri Moon Zombie realness for the Dirty Love video. Actually prefer her solo version to the album mix.