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Ke$ha - Warrior

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. We all saw it coming, but "Timber"'s sales are very impressive for this time of year.
  2. How much did it sell?
  3. 136 000.
  4. I'm loving that Dirty Love video.
  5. I enjoyed the Dirty Love video 10 times more than any of actual proper videos that we got from the Warrior era. If this is what Ke$ha's career is going to look like with her in control then I'm all for it.
  6. Who was it th other day that said they did coke with Kesha and Andy Milonakis? Was that not on here?
  7. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    I still think the perfect singles run for this would have been:

    - Die Young
    - Thinking Of You
    - Woohoo
    - Last Goodbye

    How Woohoo didn't end up on the album is fucking crazy to me.
  8. It's because 'Woohoo' is terrible.

    I approve of your Ke$ha avatar though. I'm having a little renaissance with the woman lately!
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    So is she quitting the bottle too?
  10. Does she have to if she's only seeking treatment for an eating disorder?
  11. Pebe is ranting about the evils of Dr. Luke while simultaneously getting checks from Timber.
  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    My friend sent me a text saying she was but who knows how true anything is.
  13. To be fair, the version of the story that the Free Ke$ha movement is pushing is that those checks are much smaller as a result of Dr. Luke's evils.
  14. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    It's usually encouraged that those who are seeking help for eating disorders are encouraged to avoid alcohol to avoid relapse.
  15. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    - Celebbuzz

    This also happened -

  16. All I know is that her comeback is going to be incredible.
  17. I really hope Ke$ha is able to bounce back bigger than ever, pop really needs her at her best.
  18. I can't take anything Sharon Osbourne said in that video seriously knowing that she once said Christina "looked like she swallowed Britney". In the words of Mrs Osbourne "you don't look like Brad Pitt yourself". I guess its ok to make fun of the weight of someone she doesn't like.
  19. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest


    Someone please tell me that's not actually Pebe. Some fans are claiming it is. It looks a little like her, but I can't tell due to the darkness of the photo. I howled when I saw it.
  20. It is her, but it's dated from 29th October, when all the Free Ke$ha stuff begun.
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