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Ke$ha - Warrior

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jun 6, 2012.

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  2. I mean, you can't blame another person for your eating disorder that's not entirely fair. Dr. Luke seems like a jerk though.
  3. If all of this stuff is true and Ke$ha had not experienced anything in relation to her eating before moving to LA, then Dr Luke seems like he was the trigger for this.
  4. Pebe and Lady Gaga need to form a band.
  5. I honestly thought that photograph was Ja'mie King at first.
  6. I agree a disorder like that comes from deep rooted unhappiness and can not be brought on by 1 stand alone comment.
    Anyway without Dr Luke's tunes this girl wouldn't be anyone. She has limited talent as it is but it was the catchy tunes that made her a star ,many girls could have been Ke$ha she was lucky she was picked.
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    It's not like she writes the melodies or lyrics to her songs or anything.

    But no, the only reason she's successful is because the series of synths and bleeps behind her voice crafted so perfectly by Lukasz.
  8. I hope she has a Demi 'Skyscraper' moment once she's recovered.
  9. I'm sure the general public love Ke$ha for her award winning lyrics ( move over The Beatles) which I'm sure she writes all of them 100% herself not just a couple of lines per song to get writers credit.
    Why would this true talent need the biggest hit maker of our generation? To help her cover up the fact that she can't really sing? Thank heavens for those synths and bleeps then.
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    Ask Dr. Luke why he needed Ke$ha. He was the one who flew her across the country to LA to snatch up her voice before anyone else could sign her and also the one who signed her to an eight album contract. Odd someone so talentless would be snatched up by a producer to basically be a personal cash cow due to that producer's own lack of musical success as an artist and to recreate the success of Katy Perry.

    And let's not even mention writing a little for a credit. Dr. Luke doesn't even write melodies or lyrics. He's all production, despite often being one of many producers on a singular track, which makes his "split-evenly" rule for publishing pretty convenient for him - write none of the lyrics and get just as much profit. Dr. Luke is more a brand of production now than a singular producer making beats. He's the white Timbaland (ew).

    But no, let's think all female pop stars are little puppets and need big strong male producers to come in and save them from their lack of talent. Kesha should thank god for meeting the epitome of originality and moral work ethic that is Lukasz Gottwald.
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  11. No she should thank god for Tick Tock and Timber, and also that she was born blonde, white and American thus easier to market to the masses.
    She ain't no Whitney Houston in the vocal department and I doubt Dr Luke wanted to snatch her voice up, I think he was interested in a different kind of snatch, hence the reason I think they have such a strained relationship now.
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  12. Not helping.

    Who ever decided Ke$ha should go the sexy route (I blame Gaga's popularity) was an idiot. Tik Tok was massive worldwide (it was played in a club this Sat - mayhem!) because it was a party jam sung by a 'one of us' girl. Her everyday looks was her charm. There was no need to start dressing like a Victoria Secrets model.
  13. Her arguably best songs on Warrior, Love Into The Light and Past Lives, are credited to solely her as the writer, with Greg Kurstin and The Flaming Lips playing the role of being producers; No Dr. Luke in sight. She can right meaningful music on her own, although most people on this board already know that. Let's not forget that she wrote songs for other artists as well, the obvious highlight being Till The World Ends. But, if the only thing that matters in music is having a large vocal range to belt out all of your songs, then I guess Ariana Grande is the most talented artist of this generation.
  14. She's talented, why does everyone have to be a Whitney to be considered a singer? She can sing. She can sing well.

    It would be such a shame to lose her from the industry. There's something about her that you can't help but warm to.
  15. I enjoy the fact that trying to all but entirely disregard Kesha's creative contribution to her music didn't work so now you're just assuming that Dr Luke hired her so he'd have someone's ass to slap as she tottered around his office. It really speaks to the knowledge and forethought that goes into your posts. Keep reaching for those sweeping assumptions though, you might eventually hit something approaching the truth...
  16. Ok ok, it's not that I haven't enjoyed some of Ke$ha's songs, however I have always seen her as a poundland version of GaGa.
    On watching her perform live on the X Factor 2012 her voice sounded awful and completely strained plus she can't dance for Sh!t so I fail to see this amazing talent that others on the forum see.
  17. Go and see her live. She has more charisma and charm on stage that most of these other bitches combined.
  18. Agreed! I saw her when she toured her first album (+ "We R Who We R") and she was fantastic!
  19. I saw her for the Warrior tour (UP FRONT) and she is a fantastic live performer. There's an energy that just radiates to the crowd. I also love how ridiculous her set-ups can be, the grinder spark belts were absolutely inspired.
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