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Ke$ha - Warrior

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Honey, no matter how good the ass is you need more than that to get an 8 album contract. Let's not be gross.
  2. Among my Top 10 best gigs ever. Seriously. 2010 realness.
  3. "Someone glitter my tits!" - highlight of ANY concert I've ever seen.
  4. Dr. Luke's publicist issued a statement:

    Was he too busy to word something on his own? Sad.
  5. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    Shit, ugh. I hope she can get through this.
  6. She will. I really think she's a fighter, and I think she'll come out of this better and happier than ever.
  7. Ha, agreed it was a low blow.
    I do dispute this 8 album contract though. It might have been an 8 album contract with huge clauses in such as if Album 2 or 3 doesn't achieve a certain amount of units sold then the artist will be let out of her contract.
    However I hope she recovers for whatever she's seeking help for and I applaud her for seeking help.
    What I never appreciate is artists who bite the hand that feeds them and this seems to be the case a bit here.
    It also shows bad form and being unprofessional and will work against her in the long term.
    The music industry will be willing to loose Ke$ha and keep Dr Luke, whatever my personal views on some of his recent output being, he is after all a hit making machine.
    However much I find Perry to be annoying she keeps her mouth shut and her eyes on the prize and thus is loved by the industry, now I wouldn't want Ke$ha to morph into a Perry clone but this public demonstration of turning Dr Luke into a monster figure has to stop.
  8. Or Ke$ha could just go her own way, become a more "indie" style pop artist, and make music entirely without Dr. Luke and his team.

    That seems the most likely.
  9. I think Ke$ha and GaGa should both go down an indie label route for their next releases.
    It would push them both creatively and it would also stop these constant moaning and blaming games.
    If it performs well it's down to them and if it flops it's down to them simple, no opening letters, no mums launching hate campaigns just the music.
    Dawn Richard's has produced some sensational work from her own backing and money in the last few years so it can be achieved.
  10. Chewits

    Chewits Guest

    Suggesting that Luke got Kesha because he wanted to fuck her is ludicrous. Can you imagine what he has access to, right there in LA, for the cost of a few drinks? Don't be ridiculous.
  11. It was a joke and as I have previously posted a bit of a low blow and I am sorry if I have offended Ke$ha's snatch in anyway shape or form.

    However I honestly do not believe we really know what happened between these two, there seems to be a lot of bitterness and anger involved and it seems to go beyond your typical popstar, producer relationship. Now I not saying it was sexually but some sh!t went down!
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  12. I thought this was a man.
  13. It's definitely Pebe.
  14. I love Ke$ha, and really hope she gets through this dark time, but for some reason I really can't warm myself to Pebe and this whole anti-Luke campaign. It just feels very opportunistic and uncomfortable to watch.
  15. Yep, agree 100%!
    It's in these situation I hate social media and the internet, if that's Pebe holding the sign what is she doing?
    Grow up woman, your daughters sick concentrate on that!
  16. Precisely what should she be doing? The daughter in question is in a treatment facility. I am not particularly enthused by Pebe's Twitter account myself, but if I were convinced that Ke$ha's troubles were a direct result of her employment under Dr. Luke, as she seems to be, I'd be working to get her out of that situation, just like Pebe is. Perhaps you're the one who needs to "grow up."
  17. Pepe needs to shut the fuck up. She is doing so much harm to Ke$ha's career and the fact that she seems so hungry to keep on pushing this agenda of hers just makes me doubt whether she is really doing this all for her daughter's best interests. I just find the whole thing very, very strange.
  18. Especially after insinuating that Ke$ha only has a recording contract because Luke wanted in her pants...
  19. I think it's opportunistic, for sure, but I don't think opportunism is such a horrible thing. Why not make the best out of a bad situation and see if this can be leveraged into Ke$ha getting what she seems to want, which is to be out of Dr. Luke's control? What is Pebe "supposed" to do; for that matter, what is Ke$ha "supposed" to do? How does one fight for autonomous control over one's career appropriately or demurely or in a "classy" way?
  20. It just screams trailer trash what's she doing, horrible and it will hurt her career.

    Tina Knowles would never dream of acting in this way.
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