Ke$ha - Warrior

I'm sure there must be some legal maneuver, where if it were provable that her health problems were a direct result of Dr. Luke's behaviour, she could be let out of her contract. That's what Pebe should be concentrating on, not bashing him on Twitter. That's not going to get Ke$ha out her contract. More likely, it'll result in a stalemate where the hundreds of songwriters and producers who owe their livelihoods to Luke will be prevented from working with Ke$ha, the label will not interfere because they will not do anything that sours their relationship with their most successful pop producer, and other industry contacts will begin to turn their backs on Ke$ha for fear that she and her entourage are difficult to work with.
It just screams trailer trash what's she doing, horrible and it will hurt her career.

Tina Knowles would never dream of acting in this way.

You suggested she should "go down an indie label route" because she needs to be pushed creatively (which, as far as I can tell, means you share mission statements with the Free Ke$ha Dr Luke movement). How does she get from where she is now to that point in a manner that is appropriately decorous? Is it possible that she and the people around her are convinced that the only way to be let out of her contract with Dr. Luke is to do things that would be offensive to your sensibilities?


If I was Dr Luke I would be contacting my lawyers, none of this is proven at this point and this is a very public thrashing.

Maybe Ke$ha should quit the industry for her health? You need a really thick skin to survive and be able to learn to swim with the sharks in order to get what you want.

Hell she's billboard no 1 at the moment go out on a high!
It's even worse/more baffling that Dr. Luke/Ke$ha/Pebe all have writing credits on 'Timber'. I refuse to believe that they were all in the same room together when it was written.
Songs that Pebe's written for Ke$ha:

Animal, Cannibal, Crazy Beautiful Life, Dirty Love, Gold Trans Am, Out Alive, Stephen, Timber, Warrior and Your Love is My Drug

(Cheers, Wikipedia).