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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. If she's not prepared to make the music that Dr. Luke wants her to make, then she shouldn't have locked herself into a multi-album deal with him. I know it sucks, but she knew the deal from day one.
  2. I figured as much but anyone who thinks a fan petition is going to be taken anymore seriously is mistaken.
  3. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    I don't think it's worth it to Kesha and her estate to try it that way, which is kind of shit she can't work something out, but Luke even offering her an EIGHT-album contract to begin with was very shady. One of the things she could do is file for bankruptcy, but I don't see that happening.

    On top of it, any recordings the label has paid for to be done are not her property and she would either leave them behind or pay for them (I've heard of deals where the artist is dropped and masters cost almost $50k per master). She would eventually get back the rights to song she's written for the most part, but then would have to re-record / re-produce all of them. RCA also has an odd habit of letting the masters of artists who leave somehow magically get destroyed or lost.

    But if all else falls, if she signed her contract in California, she'll be able to walk away from it in 2016. However, this requires taking Luke, Kemosabe and RCA to court, which costs lots and lots of money. As would approaching them to work out them letting her go. They all can turn around and sue her for failing to deliver the 4 or 5 albums required of her and for losing the label money. So it's expensive to try to get out of both her record deal AND publishing deal, to pay for the material, AND a gamble as the label could say no.

    In turn, Pebe's antics seem to be what OK Go did and just annoy the powers-that-be until it's no longer worth their time or money to have you. How many albums is Ke$ha gonna sell if she's releasing them under the Svengali man who made her vomit up morning breakfast? Or, she could pull a Mariah and with her breakdown (and the dragging of Luke), she and Pebe could be pushing RCA to just see it as useless to hold onto her and buy her out of her contract so she just goes away.
  4. I do love Ke$ha to bits but my confusion in this whole 'Free Ke$ha' debacle load of crud is her songwriting credits on the said 'Evil Dr Luke' songs.
    If he was some mad man getting his jollies from releasing International Smile onto us all and no artist had no choice in what he did, surely her name wouldn't appear on the credits (of her songs. International Smle wasn't of her doing but did represent Lukes evil) and she would quite literally be just some puppet singing along.
    But she is responsible, as is her mother, for her shtick. Sure, between them Pebe and Kesha did co-write some of her better album tracks. However they both wrote some of the trashier ones that are being used as a 'Dr Luke Is Evil' display.
  5. The whole thing is dumb. Luke should loosen up, Kesha should grow up, and they should compromise and let this go. 6 songs Kesha really wants to do, 4 songs Luke does that are easy hits, a few Greg Kurstin songs and its all good.

    I know her die hard fans won't see this, and thats fine, but Kesha's mom is making them look worse. And really who's gonna lose here? Luke's not. Its not like anyone's gonna go "Oh he called Kesha fat? I'm never working with him again!!" Thats not how this is gonna work. Plus with the exception of Tik Tok, Lukes most successful songs aren't Kesha songs. Whereas, her ONLY singles are done with him. She's got more to lose here.
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  6. Anyone that thinks that Ke$ha's eating disorder can be attributed to Dr. Luke is not thinking straight. It has to be more complex than just one relationship, and probably is way more to do with the individual themselves. I hope that Ke$ha can recover from this and work it all out.
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  7. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    The point isn't to prove it. The point is to slander until the label wants nothing to do with them. Proving it would occur in a court case. Pebe and Ke$ha seem to want to avoid court.
  8. And you don't think thats gross? Even with as much as u hate Dr. Luke you don't think thats a little twisted. You dont think it would be easier to stop acting like a bratty teenager who didn't get her way and just try and work this out? Luke even said she won't talk to him.
  9. For all I care, Pebe is a mess and I wish Ke$ha the best.
  10. It's not hard to believe that Dr. Luke is a huge part of her eating disorder, can you imagine being locked in an 8 album contract with a guy who taunts your weight? He has a very large amount of influence over her life.
  11. Well, she sees that as part of the problem, no?
  12. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    I think what's disgusting is shaming someone and obliterating their body image until they're so mentally unwell they're pulling over to random gas stations to vomit their food.

    Dr. Luke made his bed when he said that these two things look identical -


    He's proven himself to be a chauvinistic, sexist Svengali with other artists and Pebe simply isn't having it when he turns his target to her daughter.
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  13. I don't think her persona as a glitter bombed party girl is built for longevity. I think the party is over. I hope she gets better soon and escapes the music industry - and Dr Luke. He'll find someone else for his next vanity project.
  14. I think she pulled away from the "party girl" thing for most of Warrior, though, with the exceptions of Die Young, C'mon, and Crazy Ki-

  15. I want more tracks like 'The Harold Song', both lyrically and sonically. I don't really like her voice on the leaked 'rock' tracks I've heard. I want her to stay electronic, while gradually phasing out the vomiting-glitter-into-my-handbag lyrics and moving onto lyrics with a bit more substance.
  16. Warrior made absolutely no impact on me. I can't remember most of it! I think that's her main problem: she's trapped in the persona of a party girl. It works for her, but the two dimensional personality will probably become wearing on Ke$ha and her fans. If she attempts to break free and develop, it will potentially go down like a mug of hot shit with her label - because they want her to put variations of Tik Tok on her albums. I forsee a future in which she drops the dollar sign from her name, returns with a 'mature' sound and image...and sells less, but it'll be more gratifying for Ke$ha herself.
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  17. Rob


    So Pebe has now also checked herself into the same rehab Ke$ha's staying in for "post-traumatic stress disorder". Mess.
  18. I don't want Timber to have been about Ke$ha's career. Hopefully she gets another hit out to override the last one and avoid that silliness altogether.

    The life threatening eating disorder stuff is bad too.
  19. she's so crazy I adore her
    Party At A Rich Dude's House is amazing hahah
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