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Ke$ha - Warrior

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Diamonds isn't even near Die Young on radio.
  2. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I think the album will be brilliant. And I'm just saying this because I know how 'supernatural' sounds ... Dr. Luke probably kept his best songs for Ke$ha because she's kind of his artist. Plus weren't there rumors that he has an exclusive deal with rca? So that means he can't even produce anything for Katy Perry or others...
  3. RJF


    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    "C'mon" is just a bit sad.
  4. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    After one listen, C'mon's alright. Nothing amazing, but much, much better than Die Young. A decent album track I'd listen to every so often. It feels like a song I'll love in an hour or so though so I'll give it a bit more time before completely disregarding it.
  5. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    It wouldn't be a Ke$ha album without Dr. Luke. He's her perfect match. Who wants to hear Ke$ha 'develop' her sound? She should stick to what she does best and continue to work with the producer who knows how to service her sound. They R Who They R.
  6. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    The 'yum like a lollipop' bit is amazing. The rest of the songranges from OK to great, I'm sure I'll end up loving it.
  7. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Not even close to Die Young. Don't like it.
  8. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    None of her singles have come close to Tik Tok in the US.
  9. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Where is the source for this? Wikipedia isn't a source, if thats where its from. Pretty sure is a producer on Crazy Kids, she's talked about it before.
  10. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    C'mon is AMAZING! I'm not gonna listen to anymore songs though. I want a fresh listening experience.
  11. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I was right earlier, C'mon has grown on me immensely in the last few hours. I might actually be back on the Ke$ha train now! Great song.
  12. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I like it, but nothing sounds like new Ke$ha to me...instead it sounds like she's serving up compositions that were crafted not too long after Cannibal.
  13. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    C'Mon shits all over Die Young. Max Martin's involved in this one so that explains it.
  14. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    C'Mon is kind of a weaker yet more rounded 'Shots On The Hood of My Car' musically. Which I'm glad of. The amount of unreleased tracks this woman has that beat out 'Die Young' as the better song is astounding.
  15. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I still don't love Die Young, or C'mon. But yet I'm oddly optimistic about the album. Surely she can pull it out the bag?

    "Ten million ahead of" counts as near, surely? Die Young should get there eventually, but not for a couple of weeks. It's behind on sales, airplay and streaming.
  16. Consuelanono

    Consuelanono Guest

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Well, Diamonds is the better
  17. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I've completely come around to Die Young and I was iffy about C'Mon until that gorgeous middle 8, so I am on-board for this era of Ke$ha.
  18. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    This. A left-field collaboration is nice for the errant track or three, but her bread and butter is sing-talking/faux-rapping skanky absurd gibberish over electronic beats before having it all burst into undeniably catchy choruses. Unlike a lot of popstars out right now, she is always the most interesting and engaging part of her own songs and takes them to the next level, not her producers.
  19. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    C'Mon (A Cone) is cute but unspectacular. I like the way she delivers the word 'Hoot-erz' and the middle eight is great and exactly what Die Young needed, it also would have fit pretty well lyrically.
  20. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    C'mon is amazing, it has completely restored my faith in Warrior, I'm sure it'll become the amazing smash Animal and Cannibal were.
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