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Ke$ha - Warrior

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    New song should be coming any minute now! She tweeted the symbol. I'll let someone else do the dirty work, but I'm excited to hear what she offers up next.
  2. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Just a photoshoot :( I haven't watched it yet.
  3. Dag


    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    It's produced by Dr. Luke. What else do you need?
  4. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Where the hell are the album snippets!
  5. Consuelanono

    Consuelanono Guest

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Good point.
  6. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Every time C'mon hits the middle eight I get this random urge to sing "NOW LOOK AT ME I'M SPARKLE-ENI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY".
  7. T&C


    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    This album should have been released today. 'Die Young' is smashing at the moment and its musics biggest week.
  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    My boyfriend bought her book today. Said it was a good read FYI.

    C'mon is a little too Karmin for me minus the glorious middle-8.
  9. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Isn't Karmin pretty much just a Kesha wannabe?
  10. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Yes, which is why I don't care for it because Ke$ha slips to sub-Ke$ha level. I have no worries that this album will be great, but I don't know why C'mon was chosen as a promo.
  11. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I have a feeling this album is going to be gloriously feel-good. Not in the self-affirming way, as is far too common, but in a "Why should I ever have anything less than fun" way.
  12. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    GET A JOB.
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  14. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Not necessarily. The agonising wait for Unapologetic shows that just because you have clips does NOT mean it will leak anytime soon..
  15. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    All sounds so amazing!
  16. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Yeah, but the Unapologetic snippets were official ones.

    This is just a fan who cut out the first 30 seconds of every song.
  17. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    They're updating as we speak.

    Love Into The Light sounds intriguing.

    Like an iamamiwhoami pre-lude. Haha
  18. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Supernatural sounds like it's worth the album alone. I have been playing the previous snippet for the last 4 months in anticipation.
  19. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

  20. TeenIdle

    TeenIdle Guest

    Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    All That Matters - It feels like Ke$ha goes to Ibiza....
    Love Into The Light - This actually sounds kind of cool from what we get.
    Crazy Kids - I want to love it, but just Will's presence in the credits make me worried the rest will be shit.
    Dirty Love - This is like all I wanted from Pretty Lady, but even better.
    Gold Trans Am - YES!!! This is what I've wanted from her for a long time for a couple years now before even TiK ToK came out.
    Only Wanna Dance With You - It feels like it's lost a little bit of the punch.
    Thinking Of You - Glad it seems like she didn't let the producers kind of water her vision down like how they did for Femme Fatale.
    Past Lives - So excited to hear at least something from these sessions.
    Warrior - It's a bit bland from the intro, but it could be amazing.
    Supernatural - I've never liked this, and I don't think I ever will.
    Wonderland - Her vocals sound so good.
    Wherever You Are - It sounds like that Carly Rae and Owl City song, which isn't a good thing.
    Out Alive - It gives me Dancing With Tears In My Eyes / Hungover vibes.

    This actually sounds like it's going to be very good because it sounds nothing like just another Dr.Luke-produced mess.
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