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Ke$ha - Warrior

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    The clips sound really good! I think the album will be very enjoyable.
  2. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Last Goodbye sounds like it will be amazing.
  3. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    You know what? This might turn out to be the big superstar pop album I've been waiting for all year.
  4. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Love Into The Light sounds so unique, I hope it isn't just an interlude. Giving me CR-78 realness.
  5. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Just as I expected, 'Supernatural' is going to be life-changing, career-ending, discography-slaying, wig-snatching brilliance. It's absolutely going to be one of my favourites of the year, I can feel it.

    I really need her to get her ass into gear, and concentrate on somewhere that isn't the US or Australia though. I'm going to cry if this flops in the UK.
  6. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    This is going to be incredible.
  7. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    This can leak now please. Despite being entirely underwhelmed by the lead single, my body is ready for more Kesha.
  8. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I thought Australia wasn't that big a market (unless you're Pink) so I wonder why she promotes there so much. There's not one of those clips I didn't at least like, surprisingly the Iggy Pop one sounds great.
  9. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Had you not told me this was largely produced by Dr Luke, I don't think I would've known by these clips. Fantastic stuff.
  10. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    'Supernatural' is going to be the culmination of everything epic Ke$ha has done so far. Holy fuck, guys. This could be my mainstream pop album of the year.
  11. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    After initially thinking Die Young was the same as all her other singles and really underwhelming, I fudging love it now.

    Probably her best single to date.
  12. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Why is the only song I wanted to hear, Supernatural, the only song I can't seem to find??
  13. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I'm very pleasantly surprised by how guitar-driven some of the tracks sound. I'm glad her original vision of CockPop seems to have been largely left intact.
  14. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    All I care about is Past Lives.

    It'll be my The Harold Song of this album.
    I can tell.
  15. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Die Young has grown on me immensely, mostly because of her newfound commitment to putting on great performances. Like I said when she was on Australian X-Factor, it's this perfect mix of Britney on Top of The Pops and Lady Gaga playing an organ for the sake of it.
  16. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Urgh, you put a qualifier on it you dirty hipster! I much prefer using 'big pop album' as a euphasmism!
  17. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    I wonder how the person leaking these managed to get a copy.

    9 days away from the first worldwide releasedate is still quite some from manufacturing to shops.
  18. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    Not super into the more "rock" sounding stuff but I'm happy with what I hear. I was expecting this to be my 2nd favorite album of the year, and it looks like it will be.
  19. Re: Ke$ha - Warrior (2nd Album)

    My life is made. Supernatural equals perfection. It sounds like the perfect single, judging from this preview. The other songs sound really strong too. And surprisingly, I haven't heard one bit which made me hate Dr. Luke for his sameish production.
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